Costa Rica: The Happiest Country in the World and the Best to Rest in 2022!

    According to the global index carried out by International Living

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    Costa Rica is among the best countries to rest after being retired, only that? It is one of the best destinations for tourists to enjoy due to its incredible biodiversity, the warmth of the Ticos and the good institutional services…

    In the global index carried out by International Living, categories divided into the cost of living, governance, benefits for retirees, climate and medical care in countries of the world stood out in the first days of the year. Turns out that Costa Rica is in the second ideal place for people who wish to retire in retirement or enjoy vacations in this year 2022.

    It is worth noting that the specialized firm International is in charge of rating places for retirees to live, that’s right, the goal is to offer retirees safe destinations and good value for money, beyond the United States or Canada.

    For this year, Costa Rica lost first place to Panama, after the two incredible countries are: Mexico, Portugal, Colombia, Ecuador, Malta, France, Spain and Uruguay.

    Commitment and credibility

    It is known that the firm is oriented in indicators and in the situation of services, such as health, financial and real estate; Something very important is that the index has correspondents based in each of the countries, who also contribute with information to prepare the final ranking.

    In this way, those who represent International Living have made their credibility known for so many years, since the index is designed to be a kind of road map, to help point people to the places that might make the most sense to them in abroad.

    Costa Rica has a lot to offer

    Costa Rica is a country that for more than a decade has been working on its popularity, in which it has been called the happiest country in the world, it does not have an army linked to any politics, it maintains excellent relations with other nations, in addition to an environmental fight that goes hand in hand with reducing the climate crisis through more ecological, sustainable purposes.

    Additionally, the Central American country is seen as a draw for tourists due to its wonderful and unforgettable tropical climate, lower cost of living, friendly locals, affordable health care, vast real estate options and, of course, its natural beauty that It has immensity in species of flora and fauna.

    At the end of 2021, specialists in the economic area highlighted the savings achieved in Costa Rica in various ways, in addition to IMF resources, which can be allocated to the areas of education and health due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

    According to the index, Costa Rica also stands out for its tranquility and commitment to a “green life”, approximately a quarter of its land is protected as national parks and wildlife refuges, finally, we want from TCRN to emphasize, in Costa Ricans’ rejection of racism and discrimination, the connotation of “Pura Vida” and the many possibilities of having a healthy lifestyle.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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