Costa RicanWoman Rescues a Sloth in Distress and Receives an Adorable Reward

    In a gesture of humanity, she helped a sloth that was at risk trying to cross a road

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    In a gesture of humanity, a Tica helped a sloththat was in danger trying to cross a busy road.Adriana Chaves told her social networks that she moved the furry creature a few meters and put it to safety in a nearby forest so as not to interrupt its habitat.

    “Today I ran into this beauty trying to cross a road. I took him to a nearby forest. Go slowly, if you see them, help them. It’s getting too hot and the little animals might get disoriented. It`ll cost you nothing and is worth a lot for nature”, wrote Adriana. Chaves clarified that she helped the sloth cross the road into the mountain within the route that the animal was following.

    Happy viral image

    After rescuing the sloth, Adriana received an adorable reward: when she was photographed with this very grateful furry animal and that gave her a nice smile in an image that has gone viral and that more than one of us would like to have in their family album.

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