Costa Rican Traffic Police Warn That the Use of Skateboards and Roller Skates on Streets is Prohibited

    When these items are confiscated by Transit, the fine must be paid to be able to remove them

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    With public and private educational centers going on vacation, minors take the skateboards and Rollerblades opportunity to use bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades.However, the Traffic Police made a call to remember that skateboards and roller skates on the streets are prohibited and can even be confiscated. This is established in article 124 of the Traffic Law.

    A real risk

    “It is a risk for drivers to have to avoid these people, many times they do not even circulate in the correct direction of traffic and they also run the risk of being run over,” the police highlighted.“In addition, using them on sidewalks also represents a danger to pedestrians, mainly the most vulnerable such as older adults and children,” the authority added.

    Fine must be paid

    When these items are confiscated by Transit, the fine must be paid to be able to remove them. If the owner is under 15 years old, they must be accompanied by their legal guardian, mother or father, for the claim and return process.“There are correct spaces to practice with skates and skateboards, hence the request to resort to those parks and public places,” Tránsito mentioned.


    On the other hand, bicycles can be used on the road, but also with some restrictions such as:Children under 6 years old can ride bicycles on the roads, as long as they are accompanied by someone 15 years old or older.

    It is illegal to teach how to drive a bicycle on roads whose permitted speed is 40 km/h or more.Only one person should travel, unless it is made for more than one, and that passenger must not be less than three years old.

    “Likewise, we remind you that it is prohibited to use the sidewalks to pass bicycles due to the risk to pedestrians,” the police emphasized.It is also requested to wear a vest or light-reflective clothing when using the bicycle on public routes.

    In addition the authorities are calling on parents and guardians so that at this time if they give away bikes, skates or skateboards, protective equipment is included. .The recommendations are: helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, in order to avoid serious injuries or death.

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