Costa Rican Migration Puts Buses for Venezuelans to Reach Panama

    They leave at 10:00 in the morning, for almost a month, from the Cristo Rey neighborhood of San Josè

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    With European punctuality, two buses carried by the General Directorate of Migration and Immigration, arrived at the Cristo Rey neighborhood in San José, right in front of the offices of the Association of “Obras del Espiritu Santo” to pick up all those Venezuelans who want to return to their country.

    Immigration officials ensure that the entire process is carried out in order and workers from that same unit write down all the information of those who raise their hands to get on the buses. They come to Obras del Espíritu Santo because it is well known that Father Sergio Valverde, president of the Association, has a shelter for Venezuelans there and that is why there are a large number of them.

    It is not mandatory to get on the buses and the South Americans already know about it. Only those who decide to do so ride and if someone wants to get off at the last minute, no problem, they open the door for them, even if someone decides not to continue the trip halfway through, they let them get off without any fuss.

    Seeing the process in real-time

    This November 16th we went to the Cristo Rey neighborhood to see if the matter of the Migration buses was really true and we were able to verify that it was, so much so that Father Sergio himself came to bid farewell to those who he considers his children and with whom he shared at least 15 days, that’s why they hug him and kiss him all over.

    “Father, we have no way to thank you, you treated us like no one had treated us since we left Venezuela. We return, but we carry you in our hearts for the rest of our lives, you really took care of us like your children, God bless you,” said Óscar González, who decided to take the bus and start the return home.

    Migration confirms that the buses are provided by them and that they take the Venezuelans to the border with Paso Canoas. In that area our country has a shelter for about 300 people and those who traveled on the bus stay there while they prepare everything they need on their return, by air, to Venezuela.

    Heading towards the Panama border

    Since October 28th, 2022, Migration has put two daily buses for Venezuelans to arrive in Panama. The objective is that the South Americans can catch a flight from canal lands to Venezuela. Since October 28, 2022, Migration has put two daily buses for Venezuelans to arrive in Panama. The objective is that the South Americans can catch a flight from there to Venezuela.

    The buses are not to take them from San José to the border with Nicaragua so that they continue their American dream of entering the United States, as was said at some point, on the contrary, it is to return to their native country.

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