A couple of Costa Rican brothers created their own enterprise by taking into account the experiences they have had with their pets. In this regard, Esteban and Diego Gallegos have a company called “Tractive Costa Rica”, which sells devices that allow tracking dogs and cats and also sends a notification to the smartphone thanks to an app. The device is a GPS that is placed on the collar (or chest), while the app can track every movement of the animal, regardless of the distance it is.

“We bring this device to our country and sell it for US$ 80. Then, you have to download the app and the only requirement is that the person must join a plan. There are 2; a basic one of US$ 5.21 monthly and another that is Premium, of US$ 6.25. Personally, we recommend the 2nd one, since it is 1 US$ more and provides many benefits”, commented Esteban Gallegos.

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The Basic plan allows only one device to receive notifications and is for use within Costa Rica. While the Premium does not restrict the number of devices that can receive alerts and also works in 150 countries around the world.

“The Premium app is like a family Spotify account, so I can tell all my friends or family to download the application for free. They connect to the device and we all receive the same alerts if the dog runs away. They can watch its movement in real time. And if it ever escapes, then connect to Google Maps in order to give the fastest route to get directly where it is”, added Gallegos.

With the app the user programs which safe areas his dog can move around. Even you can have up to 5 different zones. It also allows delete or modify them whenever the person likes to.

GPS tracking app

However, the device must be loaded -it has its own cable included- every 4 or 5 days, depending on the pet’s movements and how long the person is connected to the app, tracking the path made by the animal.

The Gallegos brothers started their company at the beginning of the current year, after performing multiple tests on the device with their pets. “We are always looking for new options to offer the device. For example, those companies that take care of and take out dogs, this is a way to have everything controlled”, concluded Esteban.

For those who are interested, the company Tractive Costa Rica delivers those devices to any part of Costa Rica.

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