4 Things Your Smartphone Can Do that Maybe You Did Not Know

It Can “Read” and Scan Your Documents!

Calls and social apps are 2 of the most common things you use on your smartphone. However, these electronic devices have functions that could help you simplify your life. Here there are 4 of them:

  1. Scan documents. If you are a student and you often need to get physical documents scanned, this option will relieve the work. A scanner is no longer necessary, the immediacy arrived. Through some applications, you can take pictures of the documents and it automatically scans them. If your operating system is Android, enter Google Drive, click on the plus button (+), activate the camera, take the photo, click on Accept, and it will be saved as a PDF.
    You can check documents through reading apps on your smartphone

    Continuing with the subject of the documents, do not damage your sight anymore; it is enough to immerse yourself in the screen while reading. With the iPhone system, you can tell Siri “read my documents”, and it will do it for you. If you use Android, you can do the same function with Google.

  2. Take photos while recording video. In Apple, you can achieve it by pressing the white button next to the main video recording button. And on Android, you just have to touch the screen while you’re recording.
  3. Metal detector. This option works the same for both operating systems, you should only download a free application called “metal detector” and you can start looking for lost objects.
  4. From a detector we go to a leveler; you will not have to go to a hardware store to buy a “level” every time you need to hang something. Both for iPhone and Android, there are apps to measure or level, and they are free to download.

Hopefully, with the previous tips, you will get the best out of your smartphone next time you use it.

VIAAbelardo Canelo
SOURCEAngie Cantillo
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