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Service App
Service App

With the improvement of technology, it has now become easy to maintain relationship with anyone through social media. However, as the teens have also started using these social platforms, the parents like to have a control over them. It is not good for a teen to communicate with any unreliable app user. That is why lots of parents like to spy on the details of their teens’ private communication. One of the popular spy apps to the mobile users is mSpy.

Install mSpy- Keep it hidden-

mSpy is such an app that you may install easily on your chosen device. After installing it, you will also be able to keep its icon hidden. Thus, the mobile user may not know about the installation of software. The settings cannot be controlled by the target mobile app. While you have downloaded the spy app on the chosen device, it will track all the details of that tab or Smartphone.  From contact information to the voice call details, everything can be tracked easily. After collecting the data, the app delivers it to you, and you can view it at your dashboard. mSpy uses internet network for sending the information. Thus, the main target or the chosen device should also have internet system. The best fact is that location is not a factor to mSpy, and it works from any place in this world.

What to do with the app-

While using the dashboard, you may have a look at the simple information, like storage space, device model and the time of syncing the mobile with the dashboard. However, you will also be able to perform various functions remotely. For instance, you may-

  • Wipe your target mobile while it gets lost
  • Turn off the application remotely
  • Clear the data from the panel
  • Lock or secure the chosen device remotely
  • Move the data to store it in any format, like CSV or PDF

Track messages with mSpy-

The app has the potential of tracking the outgoing and incoming messages of your target mobile. Use the dashboard for seeing a mobile number and other important information.

mSpy helps you not only for the Snapchat spy but also for tracking other social networking app users. For instance, you can track the chat details and calls of Skype users or read the messages of Viber, Whatsapp, and iMessage. In case of Snapchat, you may also monitor all the videos and images of your target device.

mSpy Tablet
mSpy Tablet

What apps have been installed on the target device?

It is now easy to do with the use of mSpy. You can see all the apps that have been installed on that device, and there are options for blocking or unblocking the accessibility to those apps. You can get updated information, while the target device user has installed any new application.

It is a helpful feature for parents, who like to prevent their children from accessing any harmful app on the mobile. The corporate owners may also get benefit from it.

GPS fencing-

This is another useful tool with the help of which you may create several restricted areas or zones. You have the option of setting up unlimited zones and the mobile will record how or when those zones have been visited. For instance, in case of children, the safest zones may be their school or their homes. While they have left these zones, the app sends you a notification instantly, and you will stay in peace all the time.

Access contact details and calendar-

GPS Solution
GPS solution

Use mSpy to have the detailed data on the contacts, present at your target device. From email IDs to mobile numbers- everything will become accessible to you. As the app also helps in accessing the calendar, you may be able to find the scheduled events and all the entries in the calendar.  While any new contact or appointment has been inserted into the device, you will have a notification on the dashboard.

Calls- Both outgoing and incoming-

All the information on the outgoing and incoming calls of the chosen device can be accessed. You may observe the duration of the call, its time, the name of the caller and any other detail. The app also helps you to block the particular contacts and numbers.

So, mSpy is one of the best apps with all the features for tracking every detail of a target mobile user.

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