Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is an increasingly popular location for tourists looking to save money on dental treatment. Dental tourism is a trend that is gaining pace across several continents, with more and more people willing to travel to different countries to undergo treatment. Medical tourism is also booming.

    What exactly is dental tourism?

    Dental tourism is a term used to describe the practice of going overseas for dental treatment. If you’re a dental tourist, you leave home and attend a clinic in a different country. There are various options available to people who are interested in dental tourism, including package bundles that are offered by travel agencies and itineraries that are put together by individuals. If you’re looking to travel to Costa Rica, for example, you can book flights and accommodation separately and then pay for your course of treatment, or you could look into offers that cover all the costs.

    Why is Costa Rica popular?

    Costa Rica is a popular destination for dental tourists because it offers the opportunity to combine undergoing treatment with taking a break, and prices are significantly lower than in countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. According to research from Euromonitor, approximately 90% of cosmetic surgery and dental procedures are undertaken in Costa Rica are carried out on foreign patients. Also, Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems in the world.

    Need Dental Work? Traveling to Costa Rica Is Your Best Option

    Costa Rica appeals to many people because of ease of access from America and Canada and the chance to enjoy a holiday at the same time as having dental treatment. Many people find that they still spend less than they would at home by booking a holiday and having dental treatment in Costa Rica.

    Costa Rica has a huge amount to offer as a holiday destination. Although most people travel to take advantage of low prices, the scenery, and the activities and adventures on offer are also a draw. Costa Rica is famed for its rainforests and jungle landscapes and its exotic beaches and diverse wildlife, and many are eager to take advantage of the chance to see natural wonders and bask in the sunshine while also saving money on dental treatment.

    Another advantage for tourists is the development of purpose-built, modern clinics and dental centers. The equipment and supplies are often the same as those used in the US. If you’re interested in dental implants, for example, you’ll be able to find clinics that use implants created by high-profile brands like Nobel Biocare. In most facilities, the staff speaks English, and standards of clinical excellence and infection control are high.

    Who goes to Costa Rica for dental treatment?

    Costa Rica is a very popular choice for patients traveling from the US and Canada. Flight times are relatively short, it’s very easy to get a tourist visa, and prices are significantly lower. Dental implants, for example, are available for around $600 per tooth, while prices in the US are likely to exceed $3,000 per tooth. The saving for a single tooth is huge, but if you’re having a full set of new teeth, the difference is staggering.

    The benefits of dental tourism

    Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

    The most significant benefit of dental tourism for most people is the cost. The price of treatments can be up to 80% lower than in the USA or the UK, and people can save hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars simply by getting on a plane. For many, the price of treatment makes services that would otherwise be unaffordable accessible, and this can open up amazing opportunities. Treatments like implants can completely alter the smile, providing individuals with confidence and pride in their appearance. Lower fees can also make it possible for people who have been struggling with pain to get the treatment and relief they need. Taking a trip can also provide opportunities to see a different country, explore the sights and get to know a different culture.

    Are there any risks?

    There are risks involved with every dental procedure, but dental tourism can be more dangerous than having treatment at home. If you go abroad, you may not be aware of the regulations and policies that are in place to prevent infection, the dentists may not have the same level of expertise, and there may be a language barrier. It’s really important to do your research before you make a decision and to ensure you choose a reputable clinic and see dentists that are qualified, skilled and registered to practice. It’s also important to consider the cost of transport and accommodation, as well as the price of treatment before you decide whether to stay at home or travel abroad. At, you can read everything you need about dental procedures and what you need to think about.

    If you’re thinking about traveling to Costa Rica for dental treatment and combining a holiday with a trip to the dentist, you could save a huge amount of money, but it’s crucial to find a reputable clinic with a flawless track record.


    VIATCRN staff
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