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    GPS Technology, The Innovations that Society Demands

    The world is advancing at a rate where the demands on the subject of innovations are advancing at a rapid pace. Precisely the Global Positioning...

    Costa Rican Entrepreneurs Offer Tracker for Pets that Sends Notifications to the Owner’s Smartphone

    A couple of Costa Rican brothers created their own enterprise by taking into account the experiences they have had with their pets. In this...

    The World Robotics Olympiad was Tinged with Environmental Technologies

    The robots that were designed and programmed to contribute to the environment were protagonists in the World Robotics Olympiad that was held for the...
    Rental Car Driving

    Rental Car – Driving Through Costa Rica

    Beaches, volcanos, rain forest – Costa Rica got so many beautiful landscapes and wonders of nature that you for sure make you want to...
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