Costa Rica Will Have First Exclusive Festival of Short Films Made with Mobile Phones

    The call is open to adults from all over the country as long as they can easily travel to the Greater Metropolitan Area

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    With the objective of democratizing audiovisual production and being able to tell stories with only a mobile device, the “Motorola Short Film Festival” arrives in Costa Rica. The activity is organized by the technology company Motorola, JOAN Films and the support of a Costa Rican university with the premise of discovering new talents in the visual arts in Costa Rica.

    The festival organization will be receiving applications from people who wish to participate in the event. Those interested must send their full name, ID number, telephone contact, email, place of residence and age to cortosmo[email protected] with the idea and synopsis of their story.

    All applicants will receive free virtual workshops with experts on different topics that will support them in the creation of their short film by the SmartFilms Festival team, which has become the most important audiovisual production festival with mobile phones today, given its format that is unique in the world.

    To enroll in the free courses, you must enter each of the links in the respective order: /

    Once the applications to participate in the festival have been received and reviewed, the production will select the 10 best ideas in June to present their original scripts to the jury. Out of these 10, only 3 will receive the new Motorola Edge 30 Pro as a gift, which has an incredible 200 MP sensor with Ultra Pixel technology, a 50 MP ultra-wide angle lens, a Macro Vision camera, a special portrait telephoto camera 12 MP, with a 2x zoom and they will be able to film their story with 8K cinema-quality videos or 4K HDR10+ videos.

    In addition, they will have the opportunity to present their shorts in a chain of cinemas in Costa Rica. In the end, the jury will choose the winning short which will be seen by more than 300 people at the premiere of a Costa Rican feature film that will premiere next September.

    Who can participate in it?

    The call is open to adults from all over the country as long as they can easily travel to the Greater Metropolitan Area. It is not necessary to have either experience in audiovisual production or to be studying the degree.

    “We know that in our country there is a hunger to make movies, but that resources are limited and budgets, on the contrary, tend to be quite high. For this reason, we want to offer this first experience to those who never thought they could do it and open a window of opportunities for those who have already done it in a more traditional way”, said Gabriel Martínez, spokesperson for the festival.

    Is it a team or individual participation?

    The “Motorola Short Film Festival” admits individual participants. It is not necessary that they have or not knowledge of audiovisual production. The amount of the cast that participates in the story is subject to the needs of each script. Send your idea and story synopsis to [email protected]

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