The Collaborator Experience: The Great Human Resources Challenge for Talent Retention

    “A happy employee leads to a satisfied customer and the positive correlation is evident”

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    Talent is the foundation of any successful company. In recent years, we have seen different types of industries develop rapidly, especially those that, by identifying opportunities, have become benchmarks.

    With regard to talent, we see a very competitive environment and we are very concerned about retaining them. By way of example, one of the main attractions for millennials and centenials or Z generations is to develop in what are now called startups. Which necessarily leads us to ask, why companies that used to generate attraction now compete for retention?

    This type of company makes its collaborators feel like fundamental pieces of the project, by offering them the possibility of being part of a success. In this way, they make a difference with traditional organizations, which are exploring formulas to adapt to the new reality and participate in this new talent market.

    Clear retention objective

    With a clear retention objective, the profit strategy they are adopting is essential. To light the way, nearly 800 organizations from different industries in the region responded to the WTW Benefits Trends survey, which reflects trends in this regard. The results made it clear that the human resources areas that are in tune with today have a look at comprehensive well-being, from various points of view including financial, social, emotional, and healthy ones.

    An ad hoc company in current times no longer delivers a benefit for delivering it. Nowadays, a benefit should be aligned with generating changes in collaborators, such as greater engagement. This is why their correlation begins to be measured. Given this, the main changes in the strategy are based on the delivery of tools or benefits, associated with improving the employee experience within the organization. It is important to highlight that the employee experience is defining a large part of the Human Resources strategies, in benefits, benefits and career plans.

    A constant challenge

    These changes in the market create a constant challenge for the teams responsible for talent to review how their strategy is compared to their competition. The cost structure of your current benefits program forces you to generate data, from the point of view of analyzing the perception of the benefit and its frequency. With this, we see that HR managers will look for analytical profiles that can contribute to improving the strategy with data and, thus, the experience of the talents in the company.

    Going back to the initial question, one of the characteristics of these startups is that people are participants in the transformation process and their success. So what do companies need to do to compete?

    Although we believe that the benefits strategy is increasingly challenging, the concept that will predominate in the following years will be the employee experience or employee experience (EX), which has been developed since 2018 and proposes a participatory context for the worker. The term aims to put yourself in their place, by seeing things from their perspective, with the intention of designing positive experiences that result in a good customer experience or customer experience (CX).

    Just as consumers value a company’s discourse, employees are increasingly concerned with that aspect. Beyond the fact that remuneration will always be important when it comes to signing or staying in a job, it is no longer the only factor that affects the decision, as it is also influenced by flexibility, autonomy, and freedom.

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