Costa Rica, the Country of Hummingbirds

    Since the pre-Hispanic era, hummingbirds have attributes that have amazed human beings; In Costa Rica there are approximately 53 species

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    If you are a bird and nature lover, read the following material carefully because our story today will captivate you. In Costa Rica we are privileged having a small bird of striking colors and with a unique story. It’s the Hummingbird.

    Our nation does not have one or two species, rather 50 different ones! The Hummingbird is such a common bird species in Costa Rica that everywhere you look you can appreciate its invaluable beauty. In other countries this type of species can only be seen through photographs and the Internet.

    Did you know that this bird species is the smallest in the world?

    As additional information we can provide you that its size does not exceed in proportion the size of the thumb of an adult person. In addition, as a curious fact, only in America are they present, in other continents such as Asia and Europe they are not.

    A hummingbird sanctuary in Costa Rica

    To continue learning a little more about the anatomy and lifestyle of these beautiful birds, we went to the Sanctuary of Hummingbirds in Los Angeles de San Ramón, there we have a conversation with Eduardo Moraga, a tour guide dedicated to caring for and studying the ecosystem and habitat where these beautiful species develop.

    Eduardo narrates that working in this sanctuary has changed his life to the point that today he is a great imitator of the sound that these birds make, he himself is a native of Abangares but he came permanently to Los Angeles de San Ramón to take care of the sanctuary of Hummingbirds and feel useful in the work he does. He himself is emphatic in wanting to give back to nature a little of everything it has given him.Likewise, Eduardo comments that other bird species are cared for in the sanctuary,currently17, but the protagonists in it are the Hummingbirds.


    This caretaker announces as a final message that above all things the sanctuary ensures that the hummingbirds are kept in their natural state or essence, which is why, although it provides them with food, it does so at a specific time, with the intention that the birds can continue to provide food for themselves in the forest.

    Likewise, he does not miss the opportunity to warn that hummingbirds are animals that under no circumstances should remain in captivity because this would spoil the important role they have within nature.

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