Costa Rica Consolidates Accessible and Inclusive Tourism

    The country seeks to leverage the concept of "accessible tourism" for people with special needs

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    When talking about tourism, one thinks of turning it into an important bastion for the economy, at least as far as Costa Rica is concerned. This action often seeks to be generated through tourist campaigns where the national and international public is shown the benefits that the best of our country represents, be it beaches, volcanoes, nature trails or mountains.

    But these campaigns generally do not stop thinking about more accessible tourism that includes all kinds of people, especially those who have a disability but still have the same right to visit these destinations.

    Raw Data

    According to figures provided by the national survey on disability in Costa Rica corresponding to the end of 2018, there were 670,640 people over the age of 18 with disabilities, and it is calculated that including also minors with disabilities, their families, and personal assistants, are also included. they could even exceed 1,000,000 people.

    Costa Rica seeks to be a pioneer in Latin America in relation to accessible tourism

    In Costa Rica there are some national parks and hotels with accessibility, which represents a very important step for the national contribution of accessible tourism. This makes Costa Rica a vanguard country that fights every day to receive each visitor regardless of their condition.

    Likewise, and under the same order of ideas, a sample of this progress also occurs in the canton of Garabito, since it has retractable walkways made with reused plastic left on Jaco beach. This idea has arisen so that people with disabilities who use assistive techniques such as wheelchairs, crutches or canes can enter the sea without any problem.

    Initiatives that continue to add to this noble cause

    For some years now, on the Osa Peninsula, there has been a project full of therapies for all the senses where people with disabilities are taught to enjoy sounds, and identify textures and colors. This is a project that has been carried out well, but even today the project is struggling to present greater accessibility to our tourist sites.

    These actions takes place with the premise that all people are equal and that the limits are only in the mind, we must fight every day to teach others that it is possible. Let’s move on.
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