Efforts Towards Returning Nature to Its Essence

    At first glance it may not seem like it, but Playa Guacalillo needs everyone's effort and cooperation

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    When we talk about Costa Rica, most of the time we think of a green country open to receiving tourists. But also despite this premise, this land has had to live part of the unconsciousness who leave garbage scattered in various tourist areas, which has created important sources of contamination.

    This fact is a palpable reality in places like Guacalillo beach, which, being relatively close to the capital, receives enormous amounts of waste, mainly plastic, on a daily basis. It is there where an effort has been carried out with the purpose of restoring its beauty and splendor.

    Our article is about the anonymous heroes who have been in charge of cleaning, recycling and teaching everyone how to restore the shine to this area despite the pollution and bad habits that some visitors carry out.

    United for our land

    Dozens of volunteers have given themselves the task of recovering this space. Today we speak with René Montiel which is one of them and who tells us his experiences within this nobletask.

    Guacalillo is one of the beaches with the highest concentration of waste in this country, it receives a lot of plastic material from the Tárcoles River. That is why Montiel tells us that the volunteers not only seek to generate cleanliness and change, they also seek to raise awareness in the community in general so as to improve consumption habits and thus through this change begin to see the difference in the community.

    Despite the abundant concentration of plastic waste, the greatest desire of the volunteers is through their efforts make this place a tourist destination that has nothing to envy other Tico tourist sites and above all be an example of collective awareness for these types of spaces be recovered.

    For this task many organizations participate, among which: GreenHeart, GreenWolf, Soy Héroe Ambiental, Operation Rich Coast and Jaco Impact stand out.

    Recommendations for participating in this volunteer activity:

    • Ideally, to carry out this type of cleaning is to wear sneakers not sandals.
    • It is very important to use protective gloves, as they work as an insulator which protects you from coming into direct contact with any bacteria or contaminating agent.
    • The use of sunscreen is essential.
    • It is ideal to stay well hydrated throughout the day, do not forget to bring your water bottle.

    Final message

    Montiel was emphatic in stating that, “consumption habits are what generate this problem, saying “no to plastic” helps prevent pollution from happening, it is time to start change our life habits in favor of the planet”.

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