Homoparental Couple Obtains the Adoption of a Young Minor After Order from a San José Court

    The judge pointed out that the most important thing is to guarantee the minor his right to a family

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    Taking as a principle the suitability required to form a family and the best interests of minors, the Court for Children and Adolescents of San José decided to grant the adoption of a minor to a married couple of two Costa Rican men.

    The sentence was entrusted to Judge Nelda Jiménez, who indicated that “in the home of don… and don…, (the minor) has found the family he had always dreamed of and that was denied to him since he was a child of just four years, at which time he was institutionalized until life led him to meet the parents who were already waiting for him.”

    The term of the adoption is for two years since the young person will reach the age of majority in that period and within this sentence, it was clarified that there is no difference between national joint adoption made up of a homosexual or a heterosexual couple since the legal requirements are the same.

    Analyzing the best interests of minors

    “The true binomial when speaking of adoption is to analyze the best interests of minors – not subject to parental authority – and the right of adults to access adoption, as well as their true possibilities of achieving it only through love, education for their sons or daughters becoming good people for society. Any other need – food, clothing, education, shelter – can be supplied by the state, but not the feeling of affection, support, and love that should exist between parents and children,” explained the judge.

    It was established that the National Children’s Board will be in charge of monitoring this adoption for two years of the same. The sentence of the Court of San José was made on June 15th, 2022.

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