Costa Rica Stands Out As the Fourth Country with the Best English Proficiency in Latin America

    The country stands out in the region for its command of the English language

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    The English language has become one of the fundamental tools to strengthen the preparation and curriculum of millions of people, providing greater opportunities to obtain a better job in an increasingly globalized world in which this language predominates.

    Our country does not escape this process and that is why for many decades the teaching of the English language has been offered from the first to the last grade of school, although not with much success in the face of the needs of a service industry, especially in free zones, which continues to increase year after year.

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    Study highlights strength of Costa Rica due to proficiency in English

    Precisely this past week was the publication of the English Proficiency Index (EPI), an annual study that rates the level of English of the general population in those countries where this language is not native, a study that many companies take into account at the time to expand its operations.

    In this study, Costa Rica is located this year in the fourth position in Latin America among the countries with the best command of this language, only surpassed by Argentina (leader in this field for many years), Bolivia and Cuba, thus remaining with a level almost identical to that of the Dominican Republic and Paraguay, but slightly above Chile.

    However, our country is one of the few nations that has suffered a decline in bilingualism according to the study, where it was number 36 worldwide out of 99 nations within the analysis and is now ranked 44 with a total of 112 countries studied, always maintaining an average level as indicated.

    How could it be improved and what is being done?

    Currently in our country there are various methodologies to improve the command of said language, such as the National Alliance for Bilingualism, where free courses are being offered at the National Learning Institute (INA) and other institutions, in addition to strengthening a criticized English plan in primary and secondary school that has brought few results over the decades.

    Precisely several presidential candidates have presented proposals around bilingualism and it will be the subject of conversation in different forums. One of them is Rodrigo Chaves, who assures that he will make bilingualism mandatory in the educational system.


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