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    Costa Rica Stands Out As the Fourth Country with the Best English Proficiency in...

    The English language has become one of the fundamental tools to strengthen the preparation and curriculum of millions of people.

    Study Found Magic Mushrooms as a Promising Treatment for Depression

    In an initial clinical trial, scientists at Imperial College London tested a hallucinogenic compound in mushrooms, which showed good results in reducing the severity...
    Online Masters in Nursing The Basics

    Online Masters in Nursing: The Basics

    Becoming a nurse is a rigorous and demanding challenge, but it can help you enter a very rewarding profession in which you can help a huge number of people.

    Study Carried Out in Costa Rica Points to Benefits for Reforestation Using Coffee Crops

    Rebecca Cole, an ecologist at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, believes that just as coffee helps humans move a little faster, it could also...
    University Students Taking a Written Test

    Scholarships Will Be Granted to Women Who Wish to Study Engineering in Costa Rica

    The Fidélitas University has already opened the call for its Eng. Sandra Cauffman Scholarship contest, which offers five women the possibility of pursuing one...

    Costa Rica is the Country Preferred by Americans to Study outside their own Country

    Costa Rica is the country preferred by Americans to study outside their country, according to the report known as Open Doors. And in the...

    Studying Abroad in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a great place to study abroad. It is home to many schools including a United Nation-mandated University for Peace (UPEACE). In 2015,...
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