A New Study Reveals that Costa Rica has 86.80% Reliance On Green Energy, the 4th Highest In The World

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    A recent  study by Compare the Market Australia analysed countries where renewable energy makes up the greatest share of total electricity capacity, to reveal the countries that rely on green energy the most.

    Looking specifically at the countries where renewable energy makes up the greatest share of total electricity capacity, Norway comes out on top with 97.4%. The country produced 33,003 MW of hydroelectric power in 2020, but also makes use of wind, solar, and bioenergy too.

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    Only just behind Norway in terms of its renewable energy share is Iceland, with 97.3% of capacity coming from renewables. And it’s not surprising given the nation aims to be carbon neutral by 2040. Iceland produces much of its renewable energy itself, with the majority of hydropower coming from plants owned by Landsvirkjun (the National Power Company).

    At fourth place

    The tiny principality of Andorra has a renewable energy share of 96.9%, having actually fallen from 100% since 2015. The majority of energy here is imported from Andorra’s neighbours (including France and Spain) and it makes use of hydropower, bioenergy, and solar power. And then proudly comes Costa Rica with 86.80% and with a tendency to increase even more this tendency.

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