Costa Rica Stands Out As One of the Countries with Most “Sugar Daddies” In the World

    They are men who are usually generous and creditworthy people, who enjoy supporting their partners. For them money is never a problem

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    The fact that some women have a “sugar daddy” or some men, a “sugar mommy”, is often a source of criticism; however, it is also a reality highly desired by many people. Even Seeking Arrangement, an American website that helps to find this type of relationship, made a ranking in which they classify the countries by the greatest number of “sugar daddies”.

    According to the renowned app, countries like Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama have at least 540,444 Latino sugar daddies.Mexico is the Latin American country with the most sugar daddies, as it has 183,302 registered Mexicans looking for their sugar baby, which corresponds to 34% of the total number of people on the platform. In second place is Brazil with 141,725 ​​sugar daddies and Colombia with 73,745, which places it in third place in the ranking.

    Seeking Arrangement analysts linked the results to the economic level of each Latin American country. Mexico turned out to be the second-largest economy in the region, as well as one of its most populous countries.

    The study, which covers all the countries of the world, indicates that in Asia, India is the leader with 338,000 registered sugar daddies, while Indonesia and Malaysia are in second and third place with 60,000 and 42,000 sugar daddies, respectively.

    “Many times these links are proposed from the false illusion that the young person is going to give something of that youth, highly valued in contemporary society, that the older person does not have. Youth has that promise of the future, that everything is possible, that generates a revitalization for man,” psychologist AgustinaFernández, a member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association, said.

    But this game of power also occurs in reverse. The figure of the Sugar Mommy is becoming more and more common, an adult woman with money who seeks relationships with young boys in exchange for giving them a life of luxury.

    “When money comes into play in exchange for sexual relations, we are in a complicated area, because there are also marriages made for economic interest. But we cannot deny that the limit with prostitution is very finite”, concluded the psychologist.

    The SugarDaters platform is one of the most important platforms in this field worldwide. After reviewing the profile data, it was determined that Colombia is one of its most important markets.

    What is a Sugar Daddy?

    The phenomenon of young women dating older men with deep pockets is quite old, but the terms sugar daddy and sugar baby are recent.

    What is a Sugar Mommy?

    The Sugar Mommy is the female version of the Sugar Daddy, as they look for young boys with whom to make their most intimate desires come true.


    As described by SeekingArrangement, “it is the sentimental, sexual and loving relationship between a mature man and a person much younger than him and it is not based solely on the exchange of money for company or some other benefits, since sugar daddies not only provide financial assistance, they can also be mentors, offering their expertise as financial guides. For example, for the payment of services, rent and lifestyle of those who call their sugar babbies”, said Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of SeekingArrangement.

    In addition, he adds that the relationship between the parties is very beneficial for both because they can rely on opportunities to acquire contacts and advance their careers, among other things, in order to improve the aspirations of future professionals while they are still in college.
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