Costa Rica Has Also Left Its Mark within the Guinness Book of World Records

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    Breaking a Guinness Record is not an easy goal. The book that contains the most amazing records, is a work published annually with the compilation of countless feats both in human achievements and in the world of the animal kingdom.

    The book itself as such is quite an event because as additional information we can tell you that it is one of the best-selling books of all time. It is also considered the most stolen book in public libraries in the United States.

    Today there are several countries that have broken their own records. They have become known for unusual events and even in many cases unrepeatable situations that will remain forever in the memory of humanity through having been captured with all their incidents through the aforementioned book.

    Costa Rica stands out

    Among all these countries, Costa Rica stands out without a doubt. That is why our meeting today is with the Guinness Records that Costa Rica has achieved.The first Guinness Records of Costa Rica is thanks to Inés Sánchez de Revuelta since on November 11, 2015 she was awarded the award for having the longest career as a presenter of an educational television program.

    A total of 52 years Inés Sánchez de Revuelta presented the TeleClub program. This space also holds the seat of the oldest educational program on Costa Rican television. The presenter is a Costa Rican nationalized Cuban journalist who spent her entire working life in the country.

    A new Guinness Records for Costa Rica would arrive two years later, that is, in the year 2017 where 1600 cars formed the Toyota logo. To be more specific, this record would be broken on the first of October when the company organized an event to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

    In this case, the records would be given by the largest image made up of cars never before made. The event took place in the city of Heredia and it was a feat that lasted approximately 9 hours.

    Environmentally conscious country

    The records continued to arrive and this time confirming that Costa Rica is a green and environmentally conscious country, on December 7, 2018, the largest number of bottles for recycling was collected in just 8 hours.

    The activity was carried out in conjunction with more than 28 private companies who donated the bottles to break this Record in total and to be exact there were 30162 kilograms of plastic collected.

    One of the recent Records reached by our country occurred on February 5, 2019, when 50,926 glasses of milk were distributed in a period of 1 hour in San José.This event was held in the La Sábana Metropolitan Park, in order to inaugurate a recognized dairy brand in the country. It should be noted that each of the products to be marketed by this company are made with 100% Costa Rican cow’s milk.
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