Costa Rica Gets Guinness World Records for Plastics Collection

The Ecolones® Program Earned the Guinness World Records for the Most Plastic Bottles Carried to the Same Place for 8 Hours to Be Recycled

In the framework of an effort promoted by the ecolones® program, Costa Rica managed to establish a new title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for the “Largest Quantity of Plastic Bottles Gathered in 8 Hours to Recycle”.

This is so after the authorities of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS have reviewed and validated the documentation collected during the event of the collection of plastic bottles for recycling that took place last December 7th, and in which both individual volunteers and companies participated and partner organizations of the program.

The collection effort managed to collect more than 30 tons of plastic bottles. All the material, which was weighed with officially calibrated electronic scales, was grouped in the facilities of Pedregal, in San Antonio de Belén, from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Among the sources of origin of the plastic bottles were schools, business parks, free zones, offices of public companies, and collection centers of various points in the country.

As explained by the Director of ecolones®, Karla Chaves, “this achievement is the result of thorough work and close collaboration between allies, public and private, concerned about the proper management of waste. Although this was a symbolic act if the message of national commitment on recycling is clear and it is a way of projecting ourselves as a country interested in carrying out better practices of circular economies and sustainable management of waste”.

100% of the plastic bottles collected during the event, which is estimated to be over one million, were subsequently recycled by the Fifco company, which is a strategic ally of the ecolones® program.

The previous record holder of the title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS for the Most plastic bottles in 8 hours belonged to the plastics company Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. of India, which had managed to group more than 23 tons of bottles. In this way, the new brand imposed by Costa Rica exceeded 6,623.10 kilograms of recycled bottles to the former holder of this title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS.

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