Costa Rica Begins Studies for Possible Installation of Power Plants on the High Seas

    Making it possible for the future development of new renewable generation technologies

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    The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) began the stage of studies and investigation of conditions for the possible use of offshore wind energy in Costa Rica.

    This stage is done together with Offshore Wind Consultants, a firm specialized in the subject from England. The first session was held at the beginning of February. In it, the Project Implementation Plan, the terms of reference and the schedule were worked on.

    The Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae), the National Technical Secretariat (Setena), the National University (UNA), the University of Costa Rica (UCR), the Costa Rican Institute of Pacific Ports (Incop), among others, participated.

    Additional contribution to the energy matrix

    For now, a multidisciplinary team reviews information and shapes scenarios. The Electricity manager, Roberto Quirós, pointed out that this study “will make it possible to know with certainty the country’s potential for the future development of new renewable generation technologies, including all dimensions, from technical to socio-environmental.”

    According to ICE analysis, the North Pacific of Costa Rica has an initial theoretical potential of 14 gigawatts, in a band that goes south of Bahía Salinas and north of Punta Descartes.

    The institute points out that this resource “would provide an additional contribution to the national electrical matrix.” This project is supported by the non-reimbursable cooperation of the Republic of South Korea, through the Korean Trust Fund (KTF) Single Donor Trust Fund. Also with the support of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).


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