For the First Time, Presidency of the Costa Rican College of Physicians Is Assumed by a Woman

    Dr. Margarita MarchenaPicado, surgeon and specialist in infectious diseases and internal medicine, will lead the College

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    In 165 years of foundation, the College of Physicians and Surgeons had not had a woman as president, until this year.

    Dr. Margarita MarchenaPicado, surgeon and specialist in Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine at the San Rafael de Alajuela Hospital, assumed the position thanking her for the support she received from her in her application for this position. “I also highlight that this is the first time that the Governing Board of the College will have a majority of women. This comes at a time when of the 17,474 registered doctors, 8,437 are women, that is, 48%, practically half of the union members”, emphasized Dr. Marchena.

    The Board is also made up of Dr. Floribeth Madrigal (vice president), Dr. Mario Enrique Arias (treasurer), Dr. Francisco Muñoz (secretary), Dr. Thais Mayorga (member I) and Dr. María Catalina Saint-Hilaire (vocal II). “I highlight these figures because I want to make visible the great support that a historic appointment represents not only for the College, but for the country and Latin America, being the third country in which a doctor assumes this position”, said the new president.

    President will address the situation of medical specialists in Costa Rica

    The doctor indicated that a fundamental part of her work as president of the College will be to address the situation faced by medical specialists, for which she will also propose the formation of a high-level commission. “Of course, 7 people in the Governing Board are not enough to achieve all the goals, and that is why we not only recognize and thank those who have been working in different committees, but we hope to have their support” said the surgeon. Regarding the high-level commission, Dr. Marchena mentioned that “it will be jointly with the College, the medical management of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, the National Insurance Institute, university authorities, unions and associations”.

    As its main objective, the commission will generate a solution that allows doctors to be retained in the Fund, with alternatives that also guarantee compliance with quality standards to ensure good care for the population. Likewise, they will seek to strengthen the digital platform, strengthen research and continuous medical education, considered a pillar for the institution.

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