COMNET and SES Launch Satellite Technology to Improve Connectivity in the Central American Region

    Boosting productivity and control of operations by interconnecting Internet applications

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    Companies of all sizes and sectors of the Central American Region will be able to connect to the internet without limits, with greater speed and efficiency through the new Ka-band satellite service.

    COMNET, a well-known Guatemalan company in business and institutional broadband telecommunications, and SES, a world leader in wide and intelligent satellite and terrestrial infrastructure networks, for more than 15 years have formed a strategic alliance to provide one of the most efficient services in connectivity for the country and the rest of the Central American Region.

    And it is through a virtuous cycle of innovation in broadband satellite internet access technologies, high availability and total coverage that today they present the latest technology worldwide.

    This technology is the Ka-band, one of the fastest in the world, since it provides connectivity through the SES-17 satellite, whose main characteristics are that it is geostationary, completely digital, high performance, and has recently been launched into space. .

    First of its kind

    This, this Ka-band satellite connection service is the first of its kind and offers flexibility, power and speeds of 200 Gbps, which enable an optimal internet experience, allowing companies of all sizes and sectors from the different countries of the Central American Region to achieve a connection without limits making them more productive and efficient.

    On the other hand, the SES-17, in addition to providing service to the Region, was built to provide connectivity to North America, South America, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean, for which it is considered unique and promises to be one of the most efficient currently in space.

    Excellent performance

    COMNET will be the first to use the capabilities of the SES-17 to bring broadband connectivity to anyone with full coverage. The high availability of services and their excellent performance will support business continuity and minimize the impact of natural phenomena on the isthmus.

    “This satellite technology boosts productivity and control of operations by interconnecting Internet applications. Therefore, this launch will contribute to business continuity and mitigate the impact of natural disasters, ensuring access to the Internet at all times with the highest availability,” said Jorge Eskenasy, CEO of COMNET.

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