Why You Need To Go Camping At Least Once In Your Lifetime

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    There are so many reasons to go camping which can benefit both one’s mental health and even physical health. When going camping you can either keep it simple and find a spot to pitch a tent or go ‘glamping’ in a luxurious outdoor camping site. Whichever you go for, being out in nature will surely bring a greater appreciation of the beauty of this world, all while giving you the time to slow down and relax. So, let’s go through some of the main benefits below:

    Get out of your comfort zone

    Many of us are lucky to live in homes with our needs being catered to on the daily. To cook, we have commodities such as ovens, stoves and microwaves, and when we are feeling cold, it is as simple as turning the knob for the central heating. However, when you go camping, those luxuries no longer exist. For example, if you want to cook, you must rely on a simple camper stove. Camping teaches you to be more resourceful, and it puts you in situations where you have to problem solve and use what is around you. This will push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to grow.

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    Digital detox

    In today’s world, we can feel like we’re always digitally switched on and connected because our phones are constantly buzzing with work emails, notifications, and news updates. Consequently, it’s hard to get a break from it all and clear your mind, however, when you go camping, the world suddenly slows down. You’re often in areas with no internet connection, so all of those notifications, updates stop and it’s your chance for a digital detox. Therefore, camping can give you the space to be free of the digital world and its pressures.

    Connect with Nature

    Many of us live in big urban cities, so it’s easy to forget how calming and stress-free walking through nature can be. Whenever you go traveling on a camping trip, the goal is to be surrounded by nature. You can find big, open green spaces which are often really relaxing, which can ultimately help you recharge and feel rejuvenated.

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    Enjoy new experiences

    Camping isn’t just about finding cool places to pitch a tent. There are so many new experiences for you to try, such as planning long hikes, cooking over an open wood fire or even renting canoes if there is a lake in the vicinity. Trying out these new activities will surely be a fun and exciting time, just like when you play one of the thrilling Platin games.

    A cheap way to travel

    Going camping allows you to travel light and cheaply. There’s no need to spend money on expensive flights and hotels, but rather, you can use your own car. In fact, some people buy an RV and spend their retirements driving across the USA, while others buy camper vans and drive all over Europe. Therefore, camping can free you from a high cost of living and tight schedules.


    Although sometimes the weather might be miserable and rainy, and you might encounter some bugs and mosquitoes, this should not stop you from experiencing camping at least once in your lifetime. Camping has so much to offer. Just prepare your insect repellent and weather protecting outdoor gear and go for it! There is nothing better than waking up to the sound of the birds in the trees, knowing that you have the entire day ahead of you to do whatever you want.


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