Our Mind Thinks… It Is the Reason for Its Existence

    There is something magical and mysterious about our mind

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    The problem arises when you think too much, when you get caught up in worries, when you create loops of a specific thought or when you anticipate a future that no one can know what it will be like. The mind has taken control of our lives, it has become the queen of our existence.

    And we hear his voice in everything it whispers to us, in every thought, in every insult we direct at ourselves. However, we have the ability to transform that authoritative and angry voice into a kind voice, full of compassion and love for ourselves.

    The loops of the thinking mind

    Our thinking mind lives in the brain, the creator of thoughts. And our brain loves to organize individual neurons, into neural networks, creating groups of neurons that are activated quickly when there are threats in our environment.

    Actually, this is a very good way to save energy and give a quick response. But what we gain in speed, we lose in detail. Thus, we can respond with stress to situations that are not a real threat to us, but for that group of neurons (hypersensitive), everything seems to be a threat. And it is that the more a neural network is activated, the stronger it becomes.

    The loops of thoughts and concerns are born from these organized neural networks of adaptive way to our needs at a given moment of our life. What happens is that our vital circumstances change. And we can also change the configuration of our brain. This is our great power.

    We can do several things to get out of those repetitive loops of thoughts…

    • Observe that loop: Instead of running away from it, be mindfully present.
    • Identify the thoughts that cascade: Write them down to identify them well.
    • Modify negative thoughts: Create neutral thoughts based on your reality.
    • Repeat that counter-thinking to entrench the change and re-structure those neural networks.

    The change of mentality requires time and patience, because our brain likes repetitions, because the more we repeat something, the more it takes hold.

    Uniting intelligence and wisdom

    Although the thinking mind is located in the brain, our emotional world is distributed throughout the body. There is a kind of silent intelligence that has the ability to guide us when we listen carefully: intuition.

    Intuition is an ancestral wisdom that we all possess and that is stored in our cells, although we can especially contact it in the heart and in the intestine. It is that feeling of knowing something for sure, even if we don’t know very well how we know it. It helps us in making decisions, although we don’t always listen to it because sometimes we don’t like what it whispers.

    Intuition can be expressed in various ways…

    • That knot in the abdomen that warns us of danger.
    • Those butterflies that tell us that we are on the right track.
    • That opening in the heart that allows us to be ourselves.
    • That certainty that a certain decision is the right one for us.
    • Anticipate certain things that later come true.
    • Feeling connected to other people or to a force greater than oneself.

    As you can see, there is something magical and mysterious about intuition, which is why it may seem crazy to us to listen to those signals from our body, but when we do and follow their advice, our lives are usually on the right track.

    The problem is that intuition expresses itself through sensations and the mind is stronger with its looping thoughts and ruminations. Therefore, to connect with the body and intuition, we must slow down, listen to our body, create moments of external and internal calm to be able to contact this voice that is our deepest wisdom… wisdom accumulated in our lives, but I think it is also the wisdom of our ancestors, which has been encoded in our genes and is dormant in every cell of the body.

    That is why our intelligence is not only found in the mind, it is actually found throughout our body. Connecting with our body through calm and serene breathing is a very good way to create the right inner space to connect with our deepest wisdom, to listen to the voice of intuition.

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