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    The Wisdom of Crowds” is a form oforganization, born directly from information technologies and new communications, they compile the human talents of cooperation.

    The operation of these platforms to keep developing includes the use of the Internet as the main tool. They also consist of digital media including chats and blogs. For this reason, that is to say, the use of this type of media is also known as “the thumb tribes.”These elements are constantly updated each time, which means that changes are constantly present in relation to the way of sharing and organizing information.

    This aspect, which is also known as the “cooperative crowd”, is defined as a concept whose main paradigm is innovation, in terms of new ideas, projects and undertakings. This concept has been developed in different ways by a number of authors and disciplines.

    “Wisdom of Crowds” Conceptualization

    Howard Rheingold first coined this concept in 2002, through the publication of his book “Smart Mobs: the next social revolution.” This famous writer, over the last 20 years, has made a series of trips around the world, with the aim of obtaining powerful research with reference to emerging trends in computing.

    In the text Rheingold expresses that the concept of intelligent crowds responds to crowd wisdom. It also affirms that “wisdom” is an indicator of the evolution of new technologies for people.

    Basically, said author reveals that this conceptualization is the result of the interaction that occurs between users and new technologies (laptops, cell phones, tablets, among others).

    Structuring within smart crowds


    The organization that occurs within the structure of intelligent crowds, is responsible for organizing everything related to campaigns and new product launches, whether for commercial or political purposes.

    Politicians and publicity managers have taken the tools that smart crowds offer, such as collecting ideas, conducting surveys, gathering information, and posting messages to achieve a proposed goal. In this particular case, the launch and the invention to the market of a new venture or product stand out; as well as social mobilization that helps propaganda purposes, in many cases linked to politics.

    Join a data series

    According to Rheingold himself, this method mixes four important aspects which are anthropology, sociology, economics and artificial intelligence. The mixture of each of them will make a contribution regarding the development of technology.

    This development does not respond to the updates that occur within it, but rather to the impact on how people combine their ideas to give it a positive use through its use. This theory is Collective Intelligence or Collaborative Crowds.

    As a curious fact, this theory is compared in some aspects with collective intelligence, since in this case a series of ideas are also compiled in order to obtain and achieve clear objectives. You already know a little more about ”the wisdom of crowds”, it is up to you to put these tools into practice to achieve what you set out to do.

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