Costa Rica Leads the Quality of Mobile Video Calls In Central America

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    Costa Rica along with Guatemala lead the quality of mobile video calls in Central America; however, they lag behind other countries in North and South America, according to a study by the international firm Open Signal.

    When comparing the scores of 19 countries in North America and Latin America, the users who experienced the best experiences were those of Argentina and Uruguay.Both nations are statistically tied for leadership in the Americas, scoring 76.9 and 75.6 respectively.

    Canada, the leader

    For its part, Canada achieved a score of 75.1 and is the undisputed leader in North America.With 60.6 points, Guatemala is in a statistical tie with Costa Rica, with 58.2 points as leaders in group video calling experience in the isthmus.

    It should be noted that more than half of the countries of the continent; that is, ten out of 19 countries scored between 40 and 60 points in the measurement. Among mobile operators, Claro and Movistar from Uruguay, together with Personal from Argentina, registered the 80-point mark.

    Six more operators in the region passed the 75-point threshold: Bell and Telus of Canada; AT&T and T-Mobile from the US; Telcel from Mexico and Claro from Argentina.

    Opensignal’s group video calling experience measures the proportion of video calls in which all users had at least one better or adequate video conferencing experience.

    Essential service

    And it is that videoconferences have gained great weight within health measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic by sending a large part of the workforce to teleworking and limiting personal encounters.

    Suddenly, many aspects of our lives, such as work, education and social interactions, began to depend on Internet connectivity, but the experience has not always been so smooth, especially when there are multiple people involved.

    According to the firm, video conferencing services for individual and business subscribers will remain key even after the pandemic, if companies adhere to more flexible rules for remote work.

    Who Leads?

    Users in North America enjoyed a better group video calling experience overall, while South American countries, with a few exceptions, scored higher than Central America, according to a study by Open Signal.
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