How to Get Motivated for Work and Start Your Day With a Positive Attitude

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    Learning how to stay motivated at work every day, whether you enjoy or despise your job, is a common challenge. It goes without saying that having the courage to go to work if you despise your job is difficult. Even if you enjoy your career, you’ll find that there are mornings when you’re clawing at the walls to get out of bed.

    It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and slip into the same humdrum routine, and your enthusiasm for work will eventually wane. However, if you regularly motivate yourself to go to work every day, you can notice the following benefits:

    • Boosted energy levels to help you get into work mode.
    • More eagerness to take on new opportunities as they occur.
    • Longer-term effects that are more consistent.

    If turning up for work every day was easy, everybody would do it, and companies would save $84 billion every year. Organizations try to inspire you with bonuses, discounts, attendance certificates, company luaus, virtual dog shows, and pizza, but this is just part of the problem.

    Not to suggest that these benefits should be eliminated altogether, but businesses are squandering a huge opportunity to teach you how to stay motivated at work.

    Instead of relying on the company for motivation, consider the following methods for finding motivation to go to work every day.

    1. Remind Yourself “Why” You Work

    Employees’ motivation is often based on external factors such as awards, bonuses, and work promotions. These may feel good at first, but they’re just a “sugar rush” that won’t last long.

    Consider your own inspiration to be something that comes from inside. Finding your own personal “why” is the best way to recognize these internal causes of motivation. This sense of mission will provide motivation for the long journey ahead.

    Perhaps you’re going to work on Monday to appease your boss, lay the groundwork for a promotion, or simply finish a project that’s been hanging over your head for a while.

    It’s similar to losing weight in preparation for a class reunion or a beach vacation. Although both are effective motivators for weight loss, they are rarely maintained in the long run.

    Consider how your workday inspiration shifts as you consider the example you want to create for your children, how you want to support your long-term coworkers, or how you believe in your company’s overall purpose.

    Maybe you just think the work you’re doing is helping you learn and plan for the next step in your career. There are the deeper, more meaningful explanations that will assist you in learning how to become and stay motivated at work.

    With the aid of this guide, you will figure out your “why.”

    2. Apply the Hemingway Method

    Nothing beats momentum for boosting the workday inspiration, and Ernest Hemingway had a brilliant strategy. He had a habit of leaving the last chapter or paragraph of the day unfinished, particularly if he knew how it was going to end.

    And, the next day, when he sat down at his desk, he could instantly begin writing and create momentum for the rest of the day. He’d never be stuck at his desk, unsure about what to do next.

    You may use this approach to keep yourself motivated at work. Instead of staying late on Friday or going through the weekend to finish your job, pick a strategic stopping point so you know exactly what to do next when you return to work on Monday. This kind of energy will help you get through the day.

    3. Take Command

    It’s all too tempting to let the first few hours at work be consumed by meetings. Take control of the first few encounters of the day by preparing and arranging them so you look forward to them.

    Arrange a coffee meeting or a phone call with someone who is usually upbeat and innovative at work. Since it just requires waking up and a little prep, this is a low-stress way to get inspired to work.

    Connecting with your family at home will also help you stay motivated. In my family, we always prepare breakfast together and host our own breakfast get-together. It really helps us start our days off right in every way, and the positive energy we gain carries over into our work (and school).

    4. Break down large tasks into smaller goals.

    When you know you have a major job or mission at work, it can be difficult to stay motivated. You’ll be anxious long before you get there. Split any large projects you have into smaller goals to alleviate job pressure and feel better about the day ahead of you.

    Consider the situation: you have until Friday to prepare a 30-minute presentation. It will feel daunting if you approach it as a single large project, but if you intend to focus on 10 minutes of the presentation each day, it will feel much more manageable.

    5. Commemorate both big and small accomplishments

    If you’re having trouble staying motivated at work, it may be time to reward yourself for all of your efforts. Were you able to complete the 30-minute presentation on time? As a reward for achieving the major target, you should treat yourself to a nice meal.

    This isn’t limited to major tasks or accomplishments. Reward yourself with a 15-minute break if you complete a small job you’ve been putting off. This will boost your motivation while also reducing your stress levels during the day.

    Plan a reward ahead of time when you set goals so you have something to look forward to. Don’t underestimate the strength of a small incentive to keep you motivated in the workplace.

    Final Thoughts

    We all have ups and downs, and there will be days when we don’t feel like doing something. This is natural, and there is something you can do about it. Use some of the above suggestions to help you get inspired to work and change your overall outlook.

    Take some time to try one of the suggestions above and incorporate it into your weekly routine. As you progress in your career, you can discover that motivation is no longer a problem.

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