‘Chepe Se Baña’ Refurbishes Buses-To-Sleep For Homeless Women In Costa Rica

    During the day, they will function as spaces where they can be accompanied by psychologists and social workers

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    Dormibus (bus-to-sleep) is the new project that ‘Chepe se Baña’ is preparing to launch in the upcoming months.

    These are refurbished buses that at night will be used for women on the streets of San José to sleep. During the day, they will function as spaces where they can be accompanied by psychologists and social workers.

    “The project was born because we know very closely the needs of those that live in the streets, and even more in San José, that most of the care devices are for men.

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    At ‘Chepe se Baña’ we work with women in this condition and we know their need for a space to spend their nights”, explained Mauricio Villalobos, director of the organization.

    Through this initiative that includes between 12 and 14 spaces to rest by bus, Villalobos indicated that it is intended to help approximately 120 women who have been identified as living in vulnerable situations.

    “The issue is to bring them closer to these devices, know them and direct them to different programs, employability”, added the director of ‘Chepe se Baña’.

    Give ‘Chepe’ a hand!

    The remodeling of the first bus is already 50% complete; its operation is planned for within a few months.

    Like this one, they will put 2 or 3 more units to work. However, according to Villalobos, what complicates their development is the lack of economic resources, since each refurbishment per bus -donated- means an investment of US$ 50,000.

    “The resources to be able to serve these populations are always our main difficulty. For example, we do not have a fixed place, we are in borrowed places without our own location.

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    We have been in a municipal space for 15 months”, said the project director.

    He also mentioned that they are looking for volunteers to join the role of ‘Chepe se Baña’. Those interested in doing so can contact them by calling 8708-8911.
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