Celebrate the Day of Love And Friendship but Do Not Turn Your Romantic Dream Into a Financial Nightmare

    Here are five practical tips for organizing

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    Celebrating the Day of Love and Friendship on February 14th should not become a nightmare for your finances. Getting organized, being creative and even planning your expenses in several fortnights, would help you get out of the romantic commitment, but without compromising your financial stability.

    Throughout the year we look for moments to express to the people around us how important they are to us, however, this is not a reason for debt to suffocate us. The main thing, in this case, is to take care of our financial health, which is why we can be creative and organized when celebrating such a special date.

    Under this premise, Ortega makes a series of recommendations:

    1. Plan ahead for purchases and gifts

    2. Budget and control your money

    3. Compare prices

    4. Use credit cards according to your ability to pay

    5. Get out of the routine and be creative, for example, you can plan a walk outdoors, with the person you want to celebrate or make your own gifts

    Online security

    Now, if you make purchases online, it is good to take into account a series of aspects to take care of your security, such as being careful when downloading mobile applications or other types of software. You should also analyze the messages you receive. Criminals send emails with documents that appear to be real.

    Do not visit websites that cause you doubt. Be careful with purchases that request advance payment and do not use public Wi-Fi to carry out financial transactions or to send confidential data.

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