Celebrate Father’s Day. How Significant is Their Presence in the Home?

    Costa Rica is one of the countries, in which Father's Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June...

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    The father figure in a home is fundamental, say psychologists, but to what extent? How significant can a father be to his son’s life? The Journal of Psychology INFAD, in its article: “Attachment to the father and school health“, emphasizes, that the father during the development of the children, “is an example of support and security, which will allow them to grow, have greater autonomy and independence”.

    It is evident that the reality of homes today is different from that of other times, but it must be taken into account that, whether or not there is a marriage union between mom and dad, the child must be given teachings, support, attention and love without exception.

    There are women who often have the responsibility of both mom and dad and the same thing happens to men, they have to cook, change diapers, go to school meetings, medical commitments and take care of the children emotionally.

    The strength of a home

    It is worth noting that the father’s work can be exercised not only by the one who generates, but also by the one who carries out the upbringing. The man can be the strength of a home, the hero of every child but, after all, a child is the responsibility of two: mom and dad.

    The psychologist, Professor at the University of Cambridge, Michael Lamb, says that “fathers promote in children the ability to explore and take on challenges”. And the best thing is that, today, there are a greater number of fathers who want to be present and involved during parenting development.

    Celebrating Father`s Day in Costa Rica

    In this year 2023, the celebration of Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th.

    How did the celebration arise in the country?

    Costa Rica together with other nations joined the celebration that arose in the United States. But other countries, such as Spain, celebrate Father`s Day on March 19th. The first celebration was in 1910, through the initiative of a young American from Washington, Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted fathersto be recognized, to be honored; all this was inspired by his father, a well-known war veteran at the time Jackson Smart, who after the death of his wife dedicated himself to raising their six children.

    The Sonora Initiative was for every June 5th, because it was his father’s birthday, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance in Washington decided that it would be the third Sunday in June.

    Today the same purpose of the celebration is maintained: to recognize all fathers, especially those who strive daily to provide a dignified future for their children, whether they are biological or adoptive. In addition, it seeks to highlight the importance of the father figure in the family environment, which is why Ticos take the opportunity to pamper them and express to them more than every day the love and gratitude they feel for them.

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