CBD For Sleep: Does CBD Help Fight Insomnia?

    CBD can be found in different presentations; however the best presentation is as oil

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    Physical rest is essential to regain strength and perform at your best, both at work and in other activities. However, some people suffer from insomnia and this affects their quality of life, among other things. And many are considering the option of using Cannabidiol, CBD, to combat this condition.

    To clarify all the doubts related to the use of CBD, particularly in relation to its use as an ally against insomnia, we spoke with Juan Cortázar Entrialgo, founder of the company Upani and who has extensive experience in the field of CBD.

    Why Use CBD to Treat Insomnia?

    Among the many reasons that favor the use of CBD to reduce or eliminate insomnia, we find that it is not addictive, as Cortázar points out. This information has also been corroborated by the World Health Organization.

    Certain studies indicate that CBD seems to act on the central nervous system, which is why beneficial properties have been attributed to it against episodes of anxiety. Precisely, this is one of the main reasons for lack of sleep, as highlighted by Juan Cortázar.

    This indicates that if anxiety symptoms can be reduced, some types of insomnia can be combated. Of course, it is necessary to obtain the CBD in safe points of sale. CBD can be found in different presentations, however, expert Juan Cortázar warns that the “best presentation is CBD oil.”

    How does CBD help fight insomnia?

    We have already seen that CBD could reduce some cases of insomnia. Now, we pose the following question to the expert Juan Cortázar: How does CBD influence the person to help him with this problem? His answer was that “at least three ways, which depend on the reason for insomnia in each person”:

    Reduces Anxiety

    First of all, this product could help reduce anxiety, one of the main reasons why our sleep is affected. If anxiety levels are low, the body works better and the person can sleep much more and better.

    Reduces pain

    It is good to remember that CBD has analgesic properties, which favors the elimination of pain in different parts of the body. As Cortázar states, “trying to sleep with pain is a nightmare” but, “luckily we have CBD to help us”. Thanks to this property, people can stay asleep longer.

    Regulates Sleep Function

    This benefit is one of the greatest virtues that CBD possesses. Cortázar explains that, although it is true that CBD does not completely change the sleep cycle, it does “have an influence on the process that leads a person to sleep soundly. Similarly, it helps in the reverse process, which allows “people to wake up without adverse effects such as a hangover feeling.”

    Benefits Of Using CBD To Fight Insomnia

    In the 3 areas where CBD helps reduce insomnia: reducing anxiety, pain, or acting on sleep function, it provides very striking benefits.

    In the case of anxiety, it is well known that this condition completely alters the life of those who suffer from it, making it practically impossible to sleep well. But thanks to advances in the use of CBD, it is a real possibility to get an improvement. This is demonstrated in the article Studies on the use of cannabidiol in anxiety.

    Speaking of pain, Cortázar explains that the results obtained so far on this subject are “really good”. Among the studies that support his opinion, the one published on the National Library of Medicine website entitled A Cross-Sectional Study of Cannabidiol Users stands out.

    Finally, regarding the effect on the regulation of sleep and the improvement of its quality, Cortázar explains that “significant advances have been made”, which allow us to rely more and more on CBD.

    A study that supports this idea with evidence is the one published in the United States National Library of Medicine, in which an experiment was carried out to verify the effect of cannabidiol on sleep interruption, with positive results.

    Ways To Use CBD To Fight Insomnia
    For the treatment to be safe and, above all, effective, the expert Juan Cortázar warns of the importance of “following the instructions for use to the last letter”. This includes knowing the regulations that regulate the use of CBD for some conditions, including insomnia. According to the presentation, this is the correct way to use it.

    CBD in oil

    Hemp oil, Medical marijuana products including cannabis leaf, dried bud, cbd and hash oil over black wood background

    It is one of the most common presentations in countries where CBD is regulated, where the application in sublingual form is the most recommended. In this case, the ideal would be to place the drops of CBD oil that you need under the tongue, where there are several capillaries connected directly to the arterial system.

    It should be applied in the sublingual area due to its more direct action, which generates a calming and relaxing effect on the body. Its action can be perceived in approximately 15 minutes after its absorption. It is recommended to use it half an hour before going to sleep and avoid mobile or television screens to promote relaxation and rest.
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