Jack Dorsey Ex-CEO and Cofounder of Twitter Vacations in Costa Rica

    Jack Dorsey Ex-CEO and Cofounder of Twitter vacations frequently in Costa Rica. The 45-year-old American, with a personal fortune estimated at $11.8 billion, last entered the country on January 28th. According to the Directorate of Immigration and Aliens, Dorsey...

    Three Up and Coming Costa Rican Travel Destinations

    There are two kinds of travelers on the planets. The first group believes in planning a grand vacation to enjoy an occasional break from their routine lives

    27% of Tourists Who Arrived in Costa Rica During 2021 By Air Entered Through the Liberia Airport

    Last year of the total number of tourists who arrived in Costa Rica by air, 27% arrived through the Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia, according to the candidate for Deputy for Guanacaste in the Christian Democratic Alliance Party...

    Travel Costa Rica with These 5 Money-Saving Tips!

    It's not easy to stay within your budget while arranging a once-in-a-lifetime vacation! You want to see everything and stay in the nicest places, but unplanned charges can rapidly add up

    6 Fun Places in San José Where There Is No Room for Boredom

    Surely it has happened to you that you are at home bored and you want to do something, so you call your friends to go out and they ask you "Where are we going?" As always, neither knows what...

    Do You Prefer the Jungle or the Beach?Travel to Costa Rica and Experience Both

    Costa Rica is a natural paradise like no other on the planet. Whether you like exploring the jungle or enjoying a pristine beach

    The 7 Most Requested Tourist Places in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country that has attracted the attention of visitors, ecotourists and backpackers in recent years

    Dealing With Family Holiday Challenges

    Getting your trip all planned can be difficult. After all, the logistics involved in a successful trip can present unique challenges

    First Aid Kit Must Be the Necessary Companion of Travelers on Their Vacations

    The arrival of vacations are synonymous with travel, many families make the beaches or mountains their favorite destinations

    Tourism Sector Perfects Regulations to Minimize the Risks of Covid-19

    The tourism sector, one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, dodges its hasty recovery with strict protocols that guarantee the safety of visitors and union workers
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    Costa Rican Cyclists Ask the Authorities for More Infrastructure and Policies Aimed Towards Their Safety

    Developing plans and programs to create more infrastructure for cyclists, in accordance with the provisions of Law 9660 on...
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