Broadway-Style Show “Henrietta, The Musical” Will Arrive in Guanacaste

    From August 31st to September 3rd, the show “Henrietta, the musical” will arrive in Guanacaste to…

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    From August 31st to September 3rd, the show “Henrietta, the musical” will arrive in Guanacaste to offer the inhabitants of that province this Broadway-style show.The staging reveals the events behind the abolition of the Costa Rican army during the decade of the forties.The musical has been presented at the National Theater for three seasons, and it has been seen by around 20,000 people.

    Reviewing our history from another place

    “This is a great opportunity to review history from another place, from the hearts of those who lived through it,” said Denise Duncan, playwright for the show.Through this work, the public will learn from the perspective of Henrietta Boggs, who became first lady in the midst of a civil war and the “Revolution of ’48.”It will show the events of a momentous decade in history and Boggs’ emotional journey filled with love, struggle, conflict, humor and social criticism.

    “We see events from a female point of view, thanks to the testimony of Mrs. Henrietta, a woman with a candid, innocent and critical gaze, well ahead of her time and with a spectacular sense of humor”, added Duncan.

    At Santa Cruz

    The musical hopes to impact almost 4,000 people in Guanacaste. It will be held at the Coopeguanacaste Convention Center in Santa Cruz“What Guanacastecans will see is high-quality, entertaining work. In our show, the songs spill poetry, remembering that we are in a production of Costa Rica for the world”, indicated Luis Carlos Vásquez, director of the work.

    The staging has an investment of $200,000 and will be in charge of GrupoEspressivo.There will be six functions for the general public and two for high school students in the province.The organization invites businesses in the area to join as a strategic ally so that they can continue to bring this type of show to various areas of the country.

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