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    With more than a hundred paradisiacal beaches throughout Costa Rica, you may wonder how to make one stand out from the rest? The answer paradisaical beaches is very simple: by waving a blue flag. Well, this symbol is an international label that promotes the best standards of quality and sustainability on the beaches. It marks excellence and publicizes strict compliance with water quality criteria.

    Blue flag beaches must monitor their water fortnightly to assess their quality and that they are approved for common use. An important part that characterizes blue flag beach destinations is the recycling system that must be implemented in the territory that corresponds to a given beach, in order to maintain the cleanliness and use in optimal conditions of the area.

    Costa Rica, a country awarded with this distinction

    To get a little more into context about this important program, we had the opportunity to talk with Alberto López of the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, he told us that among the 140 awards that our country has received, the beaches are distinguished by being safe, clean, and in optimal conditions for tourists.

    Likewise, López highlights that for Costa Rica to achieve this award, teamwork has been needed and required by committees that have been working throughout the year to continue with all these efforts, which shows their organizations and especially the country cares for, protects and watches over its natural treasure.

    A recognition that fills us with joy

    The beaches being part of our invaluable natural resources and part of the culture of our country has allowed it to obtain the distinction of the ecological blue flag along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Costa Rica, which means for the Institute Costa Rican Tourism a record figure since the creation of this recognition more than a quarter of a century ago.

    For example, in the South Pacific there are 10 beaches that received this distinction. Among these we can mention with a star are Carate, Blanca in Puerto Jiménez; Cacao, Cativo, Piñuelas who also achieved a pink star.While the beaches that obtained two white stars stand out as Ballenas and sector 2 Dominical.

    This announcement was given as a surprise to the country prior to the religious celebrations of Easter. Today, Costa Rica wishes to continue working on this aspect, not only so that vacationers can get to know the cleanest destinations, but also so that they can carry out tourism in a responsible manner.

    These colors received by each beach are directly related to the efforts made by each community related to coastal safety, care of resources, beach cleaning actions and the maintenance of each of these spaces.

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