The New Costa Rican Minister Of Health Declares: “We Are Not Going To Be A Government In Favor Of Abortion”

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    This past week, the President of the Republic, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, met with members of the Episcopal (Catholic) Conference.After concluding the meeting, the newly appointed head of the Ministry of Health, Joselyn Chacón, assured that in June the technical standard for the therapeutic interruption of pregnancy will be subject to “review”.

    “It will be a commission, we will begin next month to have studies on the subject, the life of the mother will always prevail, yes, we are really very hand in hand, very much in accordance with the requests of the bishops and also the President. We are not really going to be a pro-abortion government, but always safeguarding the life of the mother”, declared Chacón before the media.

    Priority, the Mother´s life

    For his part, Chaves indicated that the revision of the standard is intended to “avoid loopholes.”“My position since the campaign and for the next four years is going to be that the technical norm has a single objective, which is to regulate the conditions under which a pregnancy cannot continue under the strict principle that it is necessary to carry out this medical procedure in order to protect and save the life of the mother,” said the President.

    “And then, I am not an expert, if there were gates through which someone wanted to deviate from that clear objective that is to protect the life of the mother, then that must be reviewed,” he added.

    The technical standard was signed in December 2019 by then President Carlos Alvarado and establishes the necessary regulations to ensure the application of therapeutic abortion in the country.

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