Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter Launches Call for the “Ramp Up” Program to Promote SMEs With Export Potential

    In the last edition of the program (year 2021) a total of 56 companies participated

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    Until June 10th, those micro, small and medium-sized companies that seek to strengthen their export potential will be able to register for the new edition of the training program of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER) and the National Learning Institute (INA), “Ramp Up 2022”.

    For this year, there will be 40 companies that are selected in the program that seeks to develop decision-making skills, attention to challenges, opportunities and problem solving in highly competitive environments. The selected companies will receive a scholarship of 95% of the cost of the program by the INA.

    The program also seeks to strengthen the business management of SMEs with internationalization potential, whether through direct export or linkages with exporting companies, through personalized advice focused on the comprehensive development of business models based on four areas of Action: Finance, Strategy, Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

    That is, it will provide the participants with a series of competitive advantages such as the implementation of best business practices for the design of efficient marketing schemes, improvement of customer management and product development, how to strengthen the organizational structure and decision making , financial capabilities for cost analysis and creation of investment plans, as well as the development of strategic plans to maximize export opportunities.

    “At PROCOMER we have been working on initiatives such as Ramp up to encourage more SMEs to export. We believe that products from all regions of the country are innovative and of quality. Through programs like this, we support SMEs from all regions to develop their potential and reach international markets with these innovative products,” said Pedro Beirute, General Manager of PROCOMER.

    Supporting growth initiatives for the country’s businesses

    On the other hand, Adriana Aguilar, head of the INA Business Development and Development Unit (UFODE), indicated that “for INA it is important to continue supporting growth initiatives for the country’s businesses, and by contributing 95% Of the total cost of this Program, the INA supports Ramp-up 2022, where it joins together with PROCOMER to promote a new export offer”.

    The activities that will be carried out during the program will range from group sessions in the form of talks and workshops with practical content to be applied by companies, to personalized sessions and the design of a road map that becomes a guide on the actions that must be carried out to continue executing each company in the face of its export objectives or linkages.

    In this edition, Ramp Up is aimed at companies located in strategic sectors of PROCOMER such as agriculture, food, specialized industry and services.

    The requirements for a company to be selected are the following:
    That the line of business is in the strategic sectors of PROCOMER mentioned.
    Companies with export potential, that do not export or that export less than $12,000 per year.
    Sales that exceed 10 million colones per year.
    Be a company formally constituted as a natural or legal person, registered as an employer in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund and in the Ministry of Finance, with operating permits required for its operation and with a Sanitary Registry from the Ministry of Health in cases where that is necessary.
    That the company is willing to sign a contract with the INA and a bill of exchange for the amount contributed by the institution (95%).
    Assume 5% of the total cost of the service (₡170,000).
    Not have any kind of commercial relationship with the INA.

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