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    Fortin Heredia
    Fortin Heredia

    As many people will say, New year, new life,  this can be achieved by buying a new house, renting an apartment for the first time or even investing in a property. For that, there is a huge amount of possibilities and, also, several cantons both in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) and in rural areas to take advantage of every Colòn in this important step.

    The western zone of the GAM as Escazú or Santa Ana has a very strong real estate development, as well as the Heredia province. However, certain eastern sectors such as Curridabat are also very strong within the areas most wanted by the Ticos to live.

    The City of Grecia is the capital of the Grecia canton in the Province of Alajuela in Costa Rica. It is also the name of the district that includes the city. Grecia district covers an area of 6.86 km² and has a population of 17,297. The city is located at an altitude of 999 meters above sea level and is located in the Cordillera Central on the eastern edge of the Central Valley. The city was once named “the cleanest city, is located 20 kilometers northwest of the capital city of the Province of Alajuela, 27 kilometers from Juan Santamaria International Airport and 45 kilometers from the national capital of Costa Rica. The city of San José.

    Alajuela Church
    Alajuela Church

    The central canton of San José is the number 1 canton of the province of San José, Costa Rica. The canton contains the Costa Rican capital, although the influence of the same manifested in territorial extension and population far exceeds the cantonal dimensions, in what is called the Greater Metropolitan Area.

    Santa Ana is a city of Costa Rica, in the province of San José and head of the canton of the same name. Located at an altitude of 904 masl, the city of Santa Ana also represents the first district of six that make up the canton, with 5.17 km21 and, according to the 2011 Census, with a population of 11,775 citizens and 4,182 homes.

    Tibás is the 13th canton of the Province of San José, Costa Rica and the most densely populated in the country with an estimated 10,036.81 habs / km² (2010).

    Together with the central canton of San José, they are the only ones in Costa Rica with their entire surface considered as an urban population.

    For its extension (just 8.15 km²), it is one of the smallest in the Republic. It only exceeds in size the Heredia cantons of Flores and San Pablo.

    Playground of Tíbas
    Playground of Tíbas

    Tibás is located north of the city of San José and borders Goicoechea, Moravia, San José, and Santo Domingo.

    Tibás is one of the most industrial and commercial cantons in the country, one of the most developed and urban cantons – almost without green areas – and is also one of the municipalities with the highest budgets in the country.

    Escazú is the number 2 canton of the province of San José, Costa Rica. It is located west of San José. It has an area of 34.49 km², it is divided into three districts, and it borders on the east with San José and Alajuelita, on the west with Santa Ana and on the south with Acosta and Alajuelita. The canton is part of the Greater Metropolitan Area and is one of the cantons that comprise it with the largest housing area. It was founded on December 7, 1848. Its main city is Escazú.

    Escazu Hotel
    Escazu Hotel

    From the point of view of urban development, urbanizations such as Trejos Montealegre, Anons and Palermo (north of San Rafael) are located in areas of the little slope, the reason why these urbanizations are characterized to present concentrated housing developments, without agglomeration of housing among themselves, with an infrastructure of excellent quality and lots between 1500 to 2000 m2. The northern part of the district of San Rafael is generally the one with the largest lots (between 1500 and 5000 m2), and therefore, more expensive. It has a high commercial development and services (the largest in the canton), with excellent infrastructure. This territory corresponds to places like Quesada, Betina, La Primavera, Ayala, Maynard, the Country Club area, Carazo, Los Laureles Sur and the street in front of the Embassy of the United States of America. The population is usually upper middle class and high.

    In Guachipelín, there are relatively recent construction developments such as Real de Pereira Norte and Sur, Alturas del Cielo and Loma Real, with lots that do not exceed 800 m2, with a relative agglomeration of the population, especially towards the east, where the territory is flatter. The population is usually the middle class in the east and upper class in the Santo Domingo is the number 3 canton of the province of Heredia, Costa Rica. The origin of the name of the canton goes back to the creation of the Hermitage dedicated to Santo Domingo, which was granted to the neighborhood, then to the district when it was established, and therefore conserved when the canton was created.

    Post office building
    San Jose Post office building

    The canton is part of the Greater Metropolitan Area. The head of the canton is a city with the same name that is located between the city of Heredia (5 km northeast) and San José (8 km south). It is one of the cantons of Costa Rica better positioned in relation to the human development index and housing deficit.

    20 cantons concentrate 55% of housing construction in Costa Rica

    In 8 out of 10 of these municipalities, there is a medium-high and high human development

    Twenty of the 81 cantons in the country accounted for 55% of the total new homes built in the last decade in Costa Rica.

    In these municipalities, 119,431 houses were built out of the total of 217,731 residences made in the country between 2005 and 2014.

    Pérez Zeledón and Alajuela were the cantons where more new solutions were built in the last 10 years.

    In the first municipality, 11,500 houses were built in the period between 2005 and 2014. On average, more than 1,000 houses were built each year, according to data from the Statistics on Construction studies of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC).

    Celeste River
    Celeste River

    One of the characteristics of the cantons with the most construction of new housing is that eight out of 10 are classified with a high and high human development, according to the National Report on Human Development 2013, of the United Nations Development Program.

    Of the ten most valuable projects in terms of estimated investment that presented their environmental impact studies to Setena in the last year, four projects to be developed in the province of San José stand out, with an estimated investment of $ 480 million.

    The provinces that follow are Guanacaste, where it is planned to develop two projects with an investment of close to $ 149 million, another two in Heredia, with an investment of $ 122 million, and two more in Puntarenas, with an estimated investment of $ 91 million.

    Chirripo Hill
    Chirripo Hill

    The four works planned for San José are the expansion of the metropolitan aqueduct, called “Fifth Extension of the Metropolitan Aqueduct of Aya”, a residential tower and another office, called “Torre H Project” and “Oficentro GTU”, and the construction of a public building for offices called “Construction and Operation of the Judicial Complex of Hatillo”.

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    In Guanacaste, a tourist and other energy project is being developed, called “Sandos Playa Prieta Hotel Together with its Desalination Plant” and “El Quijote Wind Project”. In Heredia, a project of residential towers called “La Reina” and another one of offices called “El Cafetal II” is developed.

    Finally, the different places mentioned above, we can consider them excellent for investment for the family, since they are considered as the best for the development of both the family group and everyone who thinks about investing.

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