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    Costa Rica is considered by nationals and foreigners as a unique paradise in the world, given its natural riches and beautiful places. However, despite such virtues, our country represents much more.

    This is reflected in the campaign “Infinite Paradise of Possibilities”, which consists of an unprecedented exhibition of different art forms such as photographs and sculptures by national artists, promoted by AERIS (managing company of the Juan Santamaría International Airport).

    The main objective of AERIS is that the more than 4 million passengers that, on average, transit annually around this air terminal (main point of entry and exit of the country), can appreciate our famous and permanent biodiversity represented through A series of artistic pieces that decorate their surroundings (such as boarding rooms and migration areas).

    But also with these works, AERIS intends to make clear that, although Costa Rica is a geographically small territory, it has a large number of talented people willing to develop their ingenuity, warmth, innovation, and entrepreneurship; Factors that together with our biodiversity define us before the world and which AERIS wishes to highlight.

    “Since 2014 we have been working on this type of initiative under a program we call ‘Sense Of Place’, which seeks to give a sense of place to the airport, that is, to make it warmer, reflecting and celebrating the culture of our country in different spaces within the Airport. With this, we look for that the passenger can feel in a unique environment or to the entrance or exit of our country. This program also includes activities on special dates such as Independence Day, Battle of Rivas, Valentine’s Day and Christmas, among others, “said Lucía Gutiérrez, commercial manager of AERIS.

    For this campaign, AERIS was supported by the Promoter of Foreign Trade (PROCOMER), which had a collaborative role in the selection of the works placed and the message they transmit, framed within the country brand ‘Essential Costa Rica’.

    National talent and in harmony with the environment this campaign highlights the work of several national talents, including the family of photographers Pucci, who over two years have collaborated with an immense collection of photographs that reflect the maximum the natural beauty that stands out in our country.

    “Our photos seek to recover the astonishment of how beautiful Costa Rica is and its authenticity, generating a transformation in the way we perceive how we are interconnected with nature,” explains Giancarlo Pucci.

    More recently, artists Francesco Bracci and Zoltan Durán joined the initiative, who have worked on large-scale works and have even advised the airport concessionaire to intervene in several formerly idle spaces with murals and sculptures made from waste materials, Among them, a large frog located at gate number three, made with objects such as microchip waste, plastic bottles and pieces of glass bottles.

    “Just the starting point is the unlimited possibility of use that exists in the waste material, with which I seek to make visible what it is trying to make invisible, reusing what already fulfilled its ‘useful life’ that does not necessarily have to be disposable “Bracci stressed.

    “The reactions that the passengers take when taking photos with the sculptures, the photo booth, the murals are impressive; In general it is difficult to quantify how many photos are updated since in the past we had managed a page to share their photos in social networks, however we learned that the passengers want to take their memories for themselves and only the youngest shared them “Admits Gutiérrez, referring to the use of digital tools in support of the campaign.

    About AERIS:
    Since 2009 Aeris Holding Costa Rica S.A., has provided services for the operation, administration, maintenance, rehabilitation, financing, construction and promotion of the Juan Santamaría International Airport.

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