Unique Specimens in Costa Rica

Only in Costa Rica will you find these 11 animals.

If you are a nature lover, come to know these unique species that you can only see here in Costa Rica.

Here’s a look at these 11 incredible creatures:

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1. The great tinamou is a bird that belongs to one of the oldest lineages in the world.

2. The poisonous red frog, whose coloration is very striking, and warns potential predators that it contains a neurotoxin.

3. White-crested Hummingbirds: The name of the species literally means “adorable”, is an essential pollinator for plants that can not be pollinated by bees or butterflies.

4. Finches: Of the 14 finch species studied by Charles Darwin on his legendary voyage, 13 reside in the Galapagos Islands. The number 14 lives exclusively on Isla del Coco.

5. Soot Tordo: It is a large thrush found in the highlands of Costa Rica. Back then he was known as Robin.

6. Blenios: Several species of blennies can only be found naturally in Costa Rica. They are small fish, very visually striking that are characterized by their rows of teeth.

7. Umbrella birds: Named for the shape of their plumage on the head, and a large area of red skin on their throat.

8. Butterflies: Costa Rica is a paradise for Lepidoptera. The country has more species of butterflies than Canada and Europe together.

9. Golden Frogs: They do not have eardrums, so they wave their “hands” and feet to communicate.

10. Baby Sea Turtles: Of the seven species of sea turtles, five nests on the beaches of Costa Rica, including leatherback turtles, lorikeet, loggerhead, and hawksbill.

11. Squirrel monkeys: they are one of the most threatened species and are found only in a small part of Costa Rica.

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