Asparagus: A Natural and Powerful Aphrodisiac

Learn More About This Wonderful Vegetable

There are many pleasures in life but, without a doubt, sex and food are the most frequented by humanity. Merging them into a single element is an erotic way to create a sensual environment to enjoy accompanied, and near the bed.

To the naked eye, the asparagus does not have much to offer; but do not let yourself be carried away by appearances. These long and thin sticks that end in a cocoon are one of the oldest aphrodisiacs known to man.

Couple getting aroused after eating asparaguses

Whether or not this aphrodisiac lives up to its name is an absolutely trivial discussion. It is like trying to explain astrology scientifically; that is, you can take away the magic, but it is true that since ancient times some particular kinds of foods have been used as sexual stimulants.

The asparagus is a very thin tall edible plant, which produces straight and white buds. Its phallic form is what has given it the reputation of being an aphrodisiac, probably more than its supposed effectiveness, which still remains without having enough reliable evidence. However, there are many who claim that anyone can get good sexual arousal with the asparagus if eaten for 3 days in a row.

Either way, you should not refrain from trying them. Their flavor is incomparable with anything else that nature offers us. And there are many different ways to prepare and accompany them with. Its great advantage is that it has very few calories. It is low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamins A, C, E, calcium, phosphorus (an element that raises the temperature of the body, by the way), iodine, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

It has among its many benefits abundant vitamin E, a substance that stimulates the production of sex hormones and helps improve blood flow in the genitals. In addition, there are 300 varieties of asparaguses, of which white and green are the most sought after.

How to combine it with other suggestive foods

Plan your romantic dinner well and decide how you want to surprise your partner. Here we offer you some ways to serve asparagus so that your evening is an experience of voluptuousness.

Sauces or cheese can become excellent allies to present the asparagus as an entrance dish in your meal. Try combining it, whether steamed, grilled, baked, cream or sautéed with a hollandaise, balsamic, cream cheese or fine herbs sauce. You can also try it with milk, finely chopped garlic, or ground white pepper.

Asparagus in cream cheese

Asparagus combines very well with fish, like tuna, grilled salmon, or sea bass in Teriyaki sauce, although Italians prepare it in a frittata, a Mediterranean recipe. Another great way to prepare them is with raw ham if you want to surprise your companion. Wrap up the asparagus (previously blanched) in slices of the ham, and place them in the oven at low heat until they become crispy.

Treat them with love!

When you buy asparagus, choose the ones with the compact tips and the uniform green stems. You can keep them in the fridge wrapped in a damp cloth for two days without a problem. White asparagus contains fewer vitamins than green ones, especially if you take as a reference to the contribution of foliates, and vitamin C. They also have less asparagine, a substance that is part of its volatile essential oil, as well as responsible for its particular flavor.

Do not forget to include the wine…

The sparkling spirit harmoniously combines with asparagus. Among the recommendations, there are pearl yellow and reddish wines, with an intense aroma and fruity flavor. Also yellow apple, this wine leaves a pleasant floral sensation, with a slightly sweet and soft touch to the palate.

Good news

Who could imagine that this vegetable has 90% water, and is also low in calories and high in fiber? Definitely, it is perfect for those who want to keep a good silhouette. Remember to choose them to be long, thick, and fresh.

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