Art and Technology are Exhibited at the National Gallery of Costa Rica

    Mario Peraza, Jan Yatsko and Juan Gha offer a variety of techniques and formats until April 2nd

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    With the aim of promoting a meeting point between artists and the public who enjoy works in visual arts of various genres and styles, the National Gallery of the Children’s Museum presents three plastic artists: Mario Peraza, Jan Yatsko and Juan Gha.

    The public will be able to visit the group exhibition free of charge on the second floor of the National Gallery from March 2nd to April 2nd, Tuesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Portraits, self-portraits and stuffed animals

    The 20 printed and digital works of Mario Peraza are exhibited as “Elemental Portraits of Costa Rica.” The exhibit focuses on mystical beings from Costa Rica. The idea behind this exhibition is to promote the flora and fauna of Costa Rica in an innovative and exciting way, using almost fantastic characters that are born from the forests. The author shows how artificial intelligence can be used in art. Also, through moving images and sound that offers an immersive experience along with photography and digital art.

    Jan Yatsko

    For her part, the artist Jan Yatsko presents “52 Divas”. In his 52 medium-format works, she draws self-portraits of her current life, the ups and downs, her dreams,  thoughts and the visual interpretation of spiritual classes she has taken, as well as phrases in books. The colors, symbols and images reflect her life in Costa Rica since 1999.

    The “52 Divas” exhibition is part of the activities of the different projects from the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture (CCCC) in commemoration of International Women’s Day.

    Juan Gha with his work

    Finally, Juan Gabriel Morales, known as Juan Gha presents a proposal of 15 small and medium format works entitled “Repúblicapeluche”. In his show he uses an acrylic on canvas technique in which he traces a style that calls “magical infantilism” since they are children’s works and some of them are adaptations of works by great masters such as the Mona Lisa.

    Juan Gha uses as inspiration what he calls living day to day, which he takes as a reference for boys and girls, since infants live in the moment, they do not think about the future or the past. Some of the adaptations of great masters are the fusion of the original work and toys to give it a children’s theme.
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