A Great Example For All to See: Sustainable Hotel In Costa Rica

Winner of the Best Honeymoon Lodging Award

Our story begins a few years ago in the United States of America, where the protagonists of this story resided.

Yen Steller and Patrick Ludwig
Yen Steller and Patrick Ludwig receiving their award in London, England

Yens Steller, a young man of Costa Rican nationality and his husband Patrick Ludwig, an American citizen, one day made the decision to change their boring work routine and make a 180 degree turn in their lifes, leaving behind home and jobs in the USA and moving to Costa Rica, where they began the construction of their dream, a totally sustainable luxury hotel for VIP clients visiting Costa Rica. What they never imagined was that they would become today the proud owners of the Best Honeymoon Hotel in Costa Rica.

Yen tells us that the original idea of the hotel was a place where the client felt comfortable and away from the ordinary and offer them all the luxuries necessary for an unforgettable stay. Our property has cabins with beautiful sea views, spectacular gardens and a restaurant with an excellent menu for the customer’s delight.

After the opening of the hotel, little by little the comments on Tripadvisor and other websites were coming up, and for this reason, couples were arriving to enjoy their honeymoons inside the facilities.

The hotel does not have air conditioning, television or pool, so it allows people who stay in it a direct contact with their companion without any kind of distractions.

View from the balcony of the room
View from the balcony of the room

When we talk about it being a very “sustainable” hotel, it is because a great part of the building was designed and built with raw materials such as teak wood, the metallic structure such as galvanized iron and very little cement.

Another advantage that we provide for our clients is the privacy of the area in which the hotel is located, Drake Bay, it is a place with very little population and a wide variety of beaches for the enjoyment of the guests without any inconvenience, as for example to take a nap on the beach with all the confidence and tranquility that we offer, apart from being an all-around very romantic place.

An anecdote was a couple traveling from England to spend their holidays in Costa Rica, they had an itinerary already planned with different reservations in several hotels including ours when they arrived here and spent their first five days in the facilities they were so amazed with the service and with all the attention received that decided to cancel the rest of the reservations in the other lodgings and to spend their complete vacations here without giving regards to the lost money with these cancellations.

Something important and special of our hotel is the personalize attention towards the people who stay with us since they receive the attention directly from Patrick and Yen in the lobbies since we like to receive our clients at the reception.


Another anecdote was a couple who came to spend a few days and the man came to us and told us that he had been 5 years with his partner but had not proposed marriage, so I told the gentleman to go quietly with his couple, when they returned from the walk they found the surprise that their room had been decorated in a very romantic way for the marriage proposal, the couple was so surprised of the work done in the room that the lady even cried of the emotion felt.

In our hotel, there is no low or high season since we always have a constant flow of guests and the attention offered is the same whatever the season or the time of year. One of the few differences between the high and low season is that the low coincides with the rains so there can be observed much more animals and also from the beach you can watch the humpback whales (in the months of July and August). In the case of the high season, only the tours vary since it is summer time and the variability of the cost in the lodging changes depending on the total tour packages costs.

About Drake Bay

Our hotel is located in Drake Bay, a popular ecotourism destination in the famous Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Drake Bay is on the southern Pacific side of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. Famed for its incredible diversity of animal and plant life, the Osa Peninsula is perfect for the nature-lover, the adventure tourist and those looking for a relaxing or romantic getaway in paradise.


As one of the last remaining areas of Costa Rica still untouched by large developments, vacationing in Drake Bay is a truly unique experience. With only a few hundred locals living in the main town of Agujitas, Drake Bay is a hidden gem. The locals in Drake Bay are some of the warmest and generous people you will ever meet, many of whom have lived in the area with their families since the 1970s.

The main attractions nearby our resort are the Corcovado National Park and the Caño Island Biological Reserve, both pristine wildlife-spotting areas that are home to a large number of strange, beautiful, mysterious, colourful and endangered creatures.

Drake Bay Cafe

Besides the meals and drinks included in your hotel stay, we can also prepare your other meals and drinks a la carte at our famous Drake Bay Cafe, for a discount price. Unlike many other resorts, we capture and filter our own water!

Drake Bay Restaurant

We can make you a perfectly frothed cappuccino, flavoured latte or a nice strong espresso anytime you like. We also have expertly blended shakes that can be made using any combination of fresh fruits, white or dark chocolate, caramel and many other flavours. All our frappes are created using our own home-made ice-cream!

Honeynoon in Costa Rca

Our beach boutique resort was designed with honeymooners in mind, private rooms, comfortable king size beds, dual tropical rain showers with ocean and mountain views, open air decks with lazy hanging hammocks. It’s a perfect location to let the warm ocean breeze take you over and dissolve any worries.

Your honeymoon is one of the most amazing time of your life that should be celebrated and forever treasured. You can trust us to make your honeymoon in Costa Rica an outstanding experience.

SOURCECharito Villegas
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