Listica: New 100% Costa Rican Services Platform

It Will Be Available in December 2018

Listica is the digital platform that is soon to be released in December 2018. It consists of a service site where users can access transportation, personal care, construction, automotive, media, and everything you may need in your daily life.

In this platform users will have the option to search by categories or search specifically for what they need, for example, if you need a plumber you can search for it and the site will give you the options closest to your location. The young Costa Rican creators of Listica seek to feed the site with small and medium-sized companies, thus giving them one more option to compete in the market.

Listica app screenshot

“Listica is a digital platform that we put at the service of everyone who has a business, that offers a service, that is a tourist place, that is dedicated to culture or the arts, in short, anyone who has something to offer to the population. All of them will have a space to show their photos, their data and we offer them different utilities to project and interconnect with clients”, commented Allende Romá, coordinator of Listica.

The site gives the option to register as a user for free, and with the profile, they can interact with businesses, put ratings, criticisms or congratulations. This helps to create a profile of the service or location so that future clients know how efficient they are when it comes to working.

At the moment Listica is a web guy, but the idea of its creators is to turn it into an app very soon and add options such as the calendar of events and the offers “this is the base, but it will always be updated, we want to implement more tools”, said Romá.

This project began in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste and has been directed by young Costa Ricans, under 30 years old, with specialized designs adaptable to mobile phones and computers.