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    Seeing other countries is a great fun. You can see new cities with extraordinary architecture. You can discover new cuisine in local restaurants. You can meet new people from a totally different culture. It is a great opportunity to see experience many new things.

    Piggy bank to travel

    Travelling is expensive. This is exactly what many people think. The truth is that it is expensive because you pay a huge fee to the agency. Experienced travelers know that it is possible not only to read the info about Las Vegas casinos but also see them for real. Travelling can be cheap when traveling on your own. The only thing needed is smart planning. Take time to study the best travel practices and start planning the first trip. It will be a great fun.

    Smart Budget Planning

    • Start with choosing the country you want to see. If this is the first trip, you should not go far away. Exotic countries are far away and very different culturally. It might be very stressful to find oneself in a totally new place with no guided help.
    • Once you know where you want to go, conduct a small research. Read travel articles about interesting places. There is always more than regular tourist places. It is much more interesting to discover what is hidden from most people. A small research will help understand how long you should stay, not to hurry, and see what you want to.
    • Buying tickets in advance is always a good idea. It saves your money because tickets cost less. Do not purchase tickets by the first air company you find online. Check fares of other companies. There are numerous budget air carriers selling cheap flights. Most of them are flying to small airports. You can start your search with remote airports and check what companies fly there. At the same time, there are always possibilities to find free flights. Most travel credit cards have bonuses for signing up. Join various reward programs, collect points and exchange them. Sign up for different air carrier updates and new to be the first to find out about cheap flights.
    • Staying in a hotel is more convenient but not cheaper. When planning a budget trip, your task is to save more money. Find a free place to stay. If you have friends or your friends have friends, ask them for a place to stay. You can also use the Internet to find a free place to stay. There are different services where people offer a place in their apartments for free. It is a nice way to save money and meet new people.

    People Travelling

    While you are out of the city, you can use your free apartment to earn some money. There are definitely tourists in your city too. Register your house by Airbnb to get some money. It should not be expensive. Make it affordable to others.

  • Another multi-use option is to consider and RV Rental which can provide savings and convenience when traveling.
  • When packing, make a list of things you cannot do without. When you go on a regular vacation, you tend to take more than you need. For a cheaper traveling, you are advised to travel light not to pay extra for luggage. Besides, it is easier to carry your belonging with you. You will spend most of the time exploring so there is no point in taking too much. A regular backpack usually goes as a free hand-in luggage.
  • Avoid fancy restaurants – they are expensive. Expensive restaurants are not the best place to try local cuisine. Check small family places that can be aside from the traditional tourist path. The best way to find them is to surf the net. Travelers always share information on various forums and blogs.
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    Plan smartly and enjoy your first independent trip. Travelling can be really fun and not necessarily expensive.

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