89 Million Plastic Straws Will Now Be Made Of Paper in Costa Rica

    It is estimated that the total investment in the change process is around $600,000

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    The plastic straws for Dos Pinos drinks and milk will now be made of recyclable paper, from renewable sources. These straws are made with 100% natural fibers, degradable and compostable, capable of disintegrating in 12 weeks without damaging the environment.

    It should be noted that, although the Cooperative has already stopped producing products with plastic straws, it is in a transition stage, so that for a time the consumer will be able to find plastic and paper straws at the different points of sale. The law to eliminate straws is effective as of December 2022.

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    Law 9786 to combat plastic pollution and protect the environment will ban plastic straws from December this year. It is estimated that all plastic straws will have been replaced in the last quarter of 2022.

    According to Luis Mastroeni, from Dos Pinos, he assured that:

    This initiative is part of a series of actions developed within the framework of the 2020-2024 Sustainability Strategy to become managers of sustainable development and eliminate single-use plastics.

    By replacing the plastic in the straws, a saving of 163 tons of carbon dioxide is generated per year. This is the equivalent of avoiding the use of 18,000 gallons of gasoline or what it would take to charge more than 19 million smartphones.

    The straws are ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees a quality verification system, and ISO 14001, which improves environmental performance, as well as the implementation of the best compliance and social responsibility practices. Paper straws are 100% recyclable, so the consumer is recommended to insert them inside the container so that together they can be properly managed for recycling.

    Greater sustainability

    In addition to replacing straws, Dos Pinos also eliminated the use of 2 million plastic spoons at points of sale for wooden options and replaced 200,000 bags with reusable cloth versions. In addition, in ice cream parlors, 10,000 plastic straws were removed and the composition of the ice cream packaging was changed to increase the percentage of paper.

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