Wonderful Dominical, Continues Its Drive to Promote Recycling in Costa Rica

Dominical never ceases to amaze its inhabitants and tourists, mainly for its animal species, its beaches, its landscapes filled with the greenery that characterizes Costa Rica. Nature lovers always look for new destinations, those that leave unforgettable experiences.

Dominical is always preferred as being one of the destinations to visit and more for the person who wants direct contact with nature and the beach. There is something for everyone because if someone wants to just relax or swim or rather practice an extreme adventure.

But in addition to so much wonder that Dominical has, there are its attentive inhabitants, their motivation to take care of their surroundings, and to unite for two important practices: art and recycling. The interest in caring for the planet, mainly the biodiversity, never ceases to gain strength.

Precisely at the Dominical beaches, Osa cantón, Puntarenas province, at the La Tortuga Marina Solid Waste Collection Center, an action was made for usable solid waste. Its design responds to a huge container format for depositing plastic containers.

It is worth noting that the Collection Center operates under the responsibility of the Association of Dominical Social Programs (ASPD), an instance that in turn articulated this achievement. The group will be responsible for the proper treatment of the material to be collected in said deposit and for providing the maintenance that it requires.

Congratulations on this wonderful initiative!

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