Resilience in Children, The Strength For Overcoming Obstacles

Resilience in Children, The Strength For Overcoming Obstacles
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Resilience is the quality that helps us deal with obstacles or disappointments without getting discouraged and it is acquired through experience. Just as a child will not learn to walk without ever stumbling, neither will he learn to get ahead in life without facing difficulties.

 Why is resilience important

Some children become discouraged when something goes wrong, they face a difficult situation or someone corrects them, and other children just give up. However, it is good that they understand a few things:

  • It is impossible to do everything right.
  • We all go through difficult situations at some point in life.
  • We all need to be corrected. That is the way to learn.

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 How to teach our children to be resilient

Helping your child see things in balance is a good way. Help them think about what he can do to improve, so to solve the problem instead of becoming the victim. Don’t solve the problem for him, Rather help him find the way.

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Life is unpredictable

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It is normal for you to do everything possible to protect your child from danger. However being realistic, you will not be able to protect them from all problems.

Of course, perhaps your child is too young to lose a job or have financial problems, but it is likely that he/she will have to face other problems, such as the loss of a friendship or the death of a family member.

Constructive criticism is not abuse. It is a way to correct a bad attitude or misconduct. Teaching your child to accept councils will save you and him a lot of suffering.

If you try to solve all their problems, then you will have to spend your whole life behind him solving the problems that arise. That will make your and his life bitter. Remember constructive criticism will not only help your child now but also prepare him for adult life.

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From example, teach them to their mistakes and not blame others.

Have them talk about their mistakes and what they have learned from them. Don’t make fun of them when they make mistakes.

Facing extreme situations in life makes us become balanced humans, not capricious people who go along being insecure in life. It is always good to recognize our mistakes and grow as rational persons, become trustworthy and self-confident.

In many cultures, parents begin to encourage resilience from a young age, and these children come to make the right decisions and be very responsible as adults, and that they will not succumb when faced with difficult situations in life, they will be strong and can overcome any obstacle.

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