They Sue Bill Gates And The Indian Government over Vaccine Controversy

    Court orders Bill Gates and Indian government to respond to lawsuit involving woman who died after AstraZeneca vaccine

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    An Indian court has ordered Bill Gates, the Indian government and the Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine maker, to provide formal responses related to a case brought by the father of a 33-year-old doctor who died. after receiving Covishield from AstraZeneca. The Bombay High Court of Justice set a deadline for responses on November 17th and scheduled a hearing for the same day.

    In a lawsuit filed in February, Dilip Lunawat alleged that her daughter, Snehal Lunawat, died on March 1st, 2021 from complications from the Covishield vaccine. He is seeking compensation of around $126 million.

    Forced vaccination

    According to Lunawat, her daughter was forced as a health worker to receive the Covishield vaccine and received guarantees that the vaccine was completely safe and did not pose any risk to her health. But just days after receiving her first dose on January 28th, 2021, Snehal developed severe headaches and vomiting and had to be hospitalized.

    Doctors said Snehal was suffering from bleeding in the brain, a low platelet count and blood clots. After 14 days with no improvement in her condition, Snehal’s family transferred her to another hospital, where she died eight days later.

    Defendants in the case include Adar Poonawalla, executive director of the Serum Institute; Bill Gates, in his role as partner in the development of the Covishield vaccine; the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; the Indian state of Maharashtra; India’s drug controller general; the former director of the All India Institute of Medical Science and others.
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